Friday, January 17, 2014

7 QT: Strep, Lies, Timeouts, Playoffs and Bellies

Phil took Maggie to the doctor on Monday, where she was diagnosed with strep throat.  He had Alexander with him, and so the doctor tested him too.  His quick results came back negative, but they sent it away to see if it would grow.  

On Tuesday, Phil stayed home with Maggie and Xander and ended up going to his doctor because his throat was hurting.  He was also diagnosed with strep.

On Wednesday morning, John-Paul and Andrew both complained that their throats were sore.  Later that day, the pediatrician's office called saying that Alexander's results came back positive for strep.  I mentioned that 2 of our other children had sore throats, and she said to bring them in that afternoon.

Guess what happened next?  Yup, they both tested positive for strep.  Eamon went to the appointment too, and I think at this point, the doctor was feeling so bad for us that she just tested Eamon for free, and he surprisingly did not have it.

Then my throat started to hurt, but not badly at all.  I decided on a whim to go to the Urgent Care center Wed. night just to be sure it wasn't strep, and turns out I was wrong.  I also have strep throat!!  Today I stayed home with J-P, Andrew, and Xander since we were all on our first full day of antibiotics.

So here's the Martin Family diet for the next week or so:

The weirdest part of this strep taking over our house?  
It's like a very minor sore throat.  I NEVER would have thought it was strep. Never.

The funniest part?
Eamon, the last one standing, brought home a notice from school today warning parents that "someone" in the school has strep throat.  Yeah, we'll be on the lookout ;)

Don't let this cute smile fool ya.

Last night, Xander comes downstairs, crying:

Me: What happened?
Xander: Maggie bited my ear!
Me: Maggie, get down here, and tell me what happened.
Maggie: It was an accident!!  
Me: How do you bite someone's ear by accident?
Maggie: Well, I was on the seesaw and I fell over to him, and my mouth was opened, and it went on his ear, and then I accidentally closed my mouth.
Me: Go sit on the stairs until you are ready to tell me the truth.


10 minutes later...

Me: Are you ready to tell me the truth?
Maggie: I don't want to because I'm scared (starts crying).
Me: Maggie, telling the truth always makes you feel better.  Now what happened?
Maggie: I bit him.
Me: Why?
Maggie: Because I can't help it, I just always want to touch his ears, they are so soft.
Me: You have to find something else soft to touch, like a blankie or your own ears.
Maggie: But my ears aren't as soft.
Me: Well...just wait for the new baby to come.  He or she will have soft ears.

(I apologize in advance, little one, but this tired Mama was out of good parenting advice.)


Somebody has graduated from the highchair-facing-the-wall timeout spot to the stool-in-the-kitchen timeout spot.  Next level is the stairs.  And before you know it, I'll be taking away the car keys.  My, my how they grow!
"Oh you taking my picture?  I do the Grinch face."

The crime?  Stepping on his brother's eye.  
I just don't even....


Have you heard that my team is in the Playoff game this weekend?  Go Pats!!!!

So yesterday after posting this belly shot, I was surprised by the comments that some of you thought that my bare belly was showing.  

Listen, I wish my belly looked as stretch-mark-free as that, and that my belly button wasn't telling me that the turkey's done, but let's be real...this is my 6th bambino and I'm not Gisele Bundchen.  

Even Phil thought it was my skin showing, and when I asked him why on Earth my belly would be that many shades whiter than my arm and face, he replied:

"Well it is where the sun don't shine."


Have a wonderful football and Sherlock watching weekend, my friends!!


  1. Oh man...the nasty sorry, my friend.

    You know darn well that if we didn't live miles and miles apart, I would be bringing you a big pot of soup with some biscuits and some of Peyton's chocolate chip cookies, right?

    I'd ring the doorbell, leave it on the steps, and run like heck...but I'd bring it!

    I guess prayers will do instead. : )

  2. I got strep a lot when I was teaching. Sometimes it was really bad and other times it was just a little sore throat, and I don't know if this was because of different strains of strep or whether I would just catch it sooner with the less traumatic cases. Anyway, the good thing about strep is antibiotics really kick it fast! I hope you guys are all better by the weekend!

  3. Haha! The whole belly post gave me a good laugh.

  4. The last two times one person has gotten strep, we've ALL gotten it. Yuck. The good thing is that it passes quickly by with the pink stuff!

  5. AH! I would not have known Sherlock was airing without your blog! THANK YOU! Also, great post :)

  6. Our neighbor across the street has 3 of 6 people with strep. She said the same thing - really mild symptoms. Both my husband and one of my sons had similar symptoms, but negative for strep. Apparently, this current strain also comes complete with a cold virus. Hope you all feel better soon! And that whole ear conversation had me laughing out loud!

  7. I love that they sent home the notice with Eamon. Too funny. And, I've got to admit, I know exactly what Maggie means about the ears. Not condoning biting though.

  8. I hate this time of year. My kids keep getting sick also and it is sad and annoying.

  9. So sorry you guys all have strep throat. But at least it's not the flu, right? (Trying to be positive!)

    I love the picture of Xander in timeout. That look on his face is priceless!

    And GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ahh, this post had me chuckling at every turn (take?). I hope all the sore throats clear up soon!

  11. I totally thought that was your belly, and I was like.Wow! She is BOLD!

  12. Haaaaaahaha Maggie and the ear!!! Too funny - and I'm with you, you gotta teach that baby early on to be okay with the constant touching, so Maggie fiddling with the baby's ears is going to be the perfect intro to 5 older siblings ;)

  13. I guess I am in cahoots with those who thought it was a belly shot - how funny! Oh, time out spots - we are starting to eye up different locations as the 3 year old starts to test our patience more frequently. I don't even know why she does what she does. I suppose if I were three again, I might. :)

    Hope the family is well again in no time. Now I want to take the kids to the doc to be sure their colds didn't come with strep since they're not so good about telling me if anything hurts...

  14. I want to bite soft baby ears too. Just, you know, fair warning.

  15. Strep throat, gotta love a houseful of family to share the germies. That's exactly what we did here for almost a month. Gunk, junk, cough and perpetual snotty nose led to little M on meds for sinus and the other three for the other stuff. I've never had all 4 kids on meds or sick at the same time. Somehow it made me feel like a 'real' mom. lol. And just yesterday I went into the doc thinking maybe I had strep due to a persistent sore throat. Nope, sinus stuff, just like the kids. Nice.

    Ok, so I really shouldn't laugh at Maggie, but I had to. The innocence!

    So, I have to ask, until what age is their time out on the stairs? Is there another place post-stairs as y are older or are yours still good at sitting there. Just curious how others do discipline/timeout.

    Btw, something in my heart is stirring and starting to reconsider a bloggie comeback. :)

    1. Come back, come back!

      We still send our older kids to the stairs, but it's so infrequent because they usually don't need a timeout that physically removes them, they more likely need a punishment for what they did. So we take away screen time in minutes per age.

  16. Prayers for speedy recovery! Love that pic of xander!

  17. My kids have all confessed to licking my 4th child's ears. Kids are so weird. I say, "Go sit on the stairs!" too!

  18. My kids have all confessed to licking my 4th child's ears. Kids are so weird. I say, "Go sit on the stairs!" too!

  19. So, I have a question....someone who has never had strep, nor have her 6 kids ever had strep....what's the difference from that and a regular sore throat?

    SO sorry, hope you are all on the mend.
    Baby toesies are soft too....

    1. I *thought* strep was supposed to feel like you were swallowing knives, but this was a minor sore throat. The only way we caught it was because Maggie had a fever and a bad cold that went with it, and when she got checked we found out it was strep. After that, as soon as anyone mentioned a sore throat, we brought them right in. Xander actually had a little sore on his face below his lips, which we found out was strep!

  20. WHAT??? All sick? Not Eamon, though, because he will be a priest like Fr. Cook, so he's removed from all germs! ;)
    The rest of this post, though, I was dying!
    And sorry about the Pats!


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