Tuesday, January 28, 2014

He Said, She Said

"Mom, these are my fast running socks!"

Xander loves to see the "new baby"....especially at the worst moments...

Xander, at Mass: Open your belly!
Me: No, not now.
Xander (putting his hand down my shirt): Open it!  I want to see new baby!
Me: Later.
(He proceeds to lean in for what I assume is a hug, but turns out to be a shoulder bite)
Me: Ow, you just hurt Mommy!
Xander (as he's pulling my shirt off my shoulder): Show me the booboo, I kiss it!
Me: No, not now.
Xander: You feeling shy, Mom?
Me: Yup. Now shhhh.
Xander (whispering): I tell you a secret.  You are really pretty.


Eamon: Mom, I made up a joke!
Me: OK, tell me!
Eamon: What song would a cow and jaguar sing?
Me: ?
Eamon: I got the mooos like jaguar, I got the moos like jaguar, I got the moooOOOOoooos like jaguar.


When Xander goes to timeout, he's allowed to get up when the microwave timer beeps.  The other day, the fridge was beeping because someone left the door ajar...

Xander: Who's in timeout?  Timeout's over now!  I in charge!


Kids: Xander's a big boy now!!!!
(Much yelling and jumping around ensues)

The kids had to dress up country western style today for Catholic Schools Week...

Me: Maggie, do you want pigtails or braids for your cowgirl outfit?
Maggie (who's still deathly scared of braids): Real cowgirls wore ponytails.
Me: I'm going to do pigtails.
Maggie: But then I won't look like a real cowgirl!
Andrew: Well, real cowgirls don't wear dresses.
Maggie: The cute ones do!


Eamon: Why do they call us cowboys if we ride horses?  Shouldn't they call us horseboys?


Alexander comes into my bedroom banging on his drum...
Me: Xander, why do you have to play your drum soooo early?
Xander: Cuz I feelin' the beat!

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  1. Clever Eamon! and I love Xander's "I in charge!" Dream on, little guy. ;)

  2. First of all, that is a hilarious joke! The jokes my kids make up make absolutely no sense!

    Also, I hate the theme dress days for Catholic schools week. There, I said it. It is so much work for 5 kids and then I never have enough theme stuff to go around and they end up looking like hobos anyway. We also have a Hoe Down theme this year, but I have until tomorrow to pull it together.

  3. Your kids always say the cutest things! And now I know why I'm such a slow runner....it must be my socks!

  4. Got to love a boy who kisses the booboos he causes and calls you pretty.
    Points to Eamon for the excellent question.

  5. Oh my gosh, I've never met him but I'm in love with Xander.

    1. I met him... and I'm in love with him too!

  6. Phew. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who takes toilet pictures. Maggie. She's got it ALL figured out!

  7. That is an awesome joke! Eamon totally wins.

    And Xander! He is so funny - clearly his siblings taught him well :)

    Cecilia was anti-braids for so long, but ever since a character in her favorite book (The Trouble with Trolls) wore her hair in braids, she's a liiiittle bit more willing to let me braid her hair :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. Maggie's comments always make me laugh! Sounds like something I would have said!


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