Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That's What He Said

Found this on my phone, and it pretty much sums up Alexander, age 2.5, right now:

He's a crazy man.

Some of his doozies lately...

In the car, trying to make the kids (or as he calls them all, "the boys") laugh...

Xander: Stinky butt!

Me: Hey, we don't say naughty words.

Xander: No, I want to be in charge!

Me: No, when you are a Dad, you can be in charge.

Xander: Hey, wook, I a Daddy now!

"I swimming!"

Recapping a Pinky and the Brain episode that the kids had rented from the library...

Xander: ...and they were crying and crying!

Me: So they were being cry babies?

Xander: No, they were being cry MOUSES!

"Daddy put jello (gel) in my hair!"

I was wearing one of Phil's Redskins shirts, and Xander noticed...

Xander: You like the Redskins?

Me: Yes.

Xander: You no like the Patriots anymore?

Singing "What the Fox Say?"

Whenever I catch him pooping in his diaper...

Me: Xander what are you doing?

Xander: Uh, I just playing with my toys.


Xander: Mom, just go to the kitchen. 


Xander: You just watch the tv, Mom.

Every time he picks up his drum to play...
"And a one, and a two, and a one, two, three, four."

At Mass, Alexander still acts like the mayor at the Sign of Peace, and has to shake everybody's hand he can reach.  After he had gone through everyone around us, a sweet older lady grabbed his hand again...

Xander: (loudly) Hey!  She trying to take my peace!


  1. Your kids say the cutest things!!! That Xander is a cutie I tell ya!!! I think he needs another sister, though! ;) Hugs!!!

  2. So in addition to being adorable, he's also funny! And it sounds like it might be time to potty train!You know....In your spare time!

  3. These are so hilarious. And he sounds so smart! What a honey!

  4. Oh, Xander....we love you so much!!

    Loved all those things!
    Simeon has a shirt with a fox on it and he dances like he's singing the song every time we say, "Is that a fox on your shirt?"

  5. Oh,,,,,what a joy he is! Such a little character. He fits in perfectly with your funny family!

  6. I forgot to tell you that AJ read this with me and was waving to X the whole time!


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