Thursday, January 30, 2014

When I Grow Up...

Today is Career Day for Catholic Schools Week, and without further ado, may I introduce you to a future:

Lord, please let this one have a vocation.

Fr. Eamon gives us his blessing:

Love how he's in character.  So serious.

John-Paul was thrilled with the ear piece Phil created for him from an old set of headphones:

Alexander ran over and said "When I grow up, I gonna be a big train!"

"But now I just a little train.  Take my picture!"
"And this is my smushy face!"

And I think he could be, if his Mom only let him play football!  #notgonnahappen
Phil, super Dad once again, went out last night to get him a mouth guard to complete the look:

Shocker, she's pregnant!  Well that's what moms do, right?
And she had a nice, easy labor and recovered in warp speed:

Maggie said she was the only girl in her class that wanted to be a Mom when she grew up.  What a sweetheart!


  1. I hope all their dreams come true, my friend!
    And one year Rhett was a priest and Peyton dressed up as me! : )

  2. Awe! They all look great! Maggie is just adorable. What sweethearts. =) And I tried the yogurt you recommended and you're right! YUM!

  3. I love all of these! But most especially the little train, He needs to come here and play with Jill. I love that there is a priest and a mom, she wants to be You when she grows up! How wonderful is that? Is that a Bears jersey?! Edmund wants to be CIA too. But back to the little train, when Edmund was that age, he wanted to be a dolphin when he grew up.

  4. Awe! Looks like it is going to be a fun day at their school!

  5. Phil is definitely Super Dad! Looks like all 5 had a good day, especially your smushy faced little train.

  6. So sweet..I love it. Glad Maggie had such an easy birth!

    Love the CIA agent costume too! Love it...although I think CIA agenting is even more dangerous than football playing.

  7. Excellent costumes!!
    What a great idea!

  8. Ha, shoot for the stars, Xander! Cecilia told me she wants to be a mermaid when she grows up, but she changed her answer back to "Mommy" pretty quickly... Then she said she wants to be a mommy, a teacher, and a doctor. Good luck paying those med school bills...

    Clearly Maggie's miraculous recovery from childbirth is just how she views your capabilities - such complete confidence in her mom!

  9. My Colette wants to be a mom also. Love all the boys too!

  10. How precious is she! Well, they are all pretty cute, but her dream is my favorite!!

  11. This is why I'm torn between homeschool and catholic school. There is always something fun going on. Such cute outfits too!

  12. Anna had to do the same thing at school today and she said that she wants to be a baby nurse!

  13. I can totally see it - all of them! Oh, Fr. Eamon and Mother Maggie!

  14. Oh, I loved all the things your kids wanted to be!!

    (especially squishy face)

    Way to go Maggie!!
    (it's a sign, you are going to have a fast easy labor too Colleen!)

    I have one that wants to be a priests yet. Sims wants to be Spider Man...

  15. I can't believe how grown up Maggie is looking!


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