Friday, January 31, 2014

7 QT Friday


Wrapping up Catholic Schools Week this week.  If you are considering Catholic schools, but don't think you could afford it, or aren't sure if it's worth it, please read this.


It's Chinese New Year!

What animal are you?  I'm a sheep, which is sort of fitting...baaaaaaa.

 Make sure you order or make some Chinese food to celebrate!

Colleen, why you gotta be so bossy and tell people what to eat for dinner?  
Because I love you.

Chinese New Year 2013.




Our new bed finally came.  This is the Christmas present that almost turned into a Valentine's Day present.  I kept saying, "I wonder what's going to be delivered first, our bed or the baby?"

But, it was worth the wait because it's beautiful, and solid wood, and made in Maine, where everybody knows the best trees and craftsmen live.



Happy linkies:
Lisa's having a girl!!  Sarah is blogging again!

and Sad ones:
Rebekah and Melody say their blog goodbyes (for now).


Today is Mismatch Day at school, or as I like to refer to it "Let Dad pick out the clothes Day".
Alexander just does not understand that he is not in school yet.  Whenever the kids talk about their teachers or events at school, he thinks it's going to happen/happening to him as well.  He'll say "Well my teacher said..." or "We're having ice cream at school today!"  Poor little one just wants to be a big kid.

What's that, you want another picture of my offspring?  Happy to oblige ;)

Xander put on one of my boots and said, "I going to work Mom!"

(Looks like he works the street corner.)


Have a Happy Chinese New Year and Superbowl Watching Weekend!!


  1. Let Dad pick out Outfit Day! Awesome!!! One day I was out of town in the am and went to pick the girls up from school at noon and it was hilarious. E was wearing leggings and a turtle neck and R was wearing something totally mismatched. And girls hair? Papa does NOT 'do' hair according to him : )

  2. I am the dragon -rawr! But this is Simon's year, he's my horse.

    The best Chinese New Year story of all the kids, though, is Jim's. He is The Golden Pig! A co-worker of Rob's is from Asia and she was so excited the year Jim was born because he would be in a Golden Pig year. Apparently, it only comes along once every 60 years and babies born in that year will be extra lucky, wealthy, and healthy. I don't know about all that, but we do call him the Golden Pig from time to time and have a good chuckle. :)

  3. You convinced me, I will be making Chinese food for dinner tonight. I'm craving it now. Your little Xander is so cute with the things he comes up with.

  4. Beautiful bed! Love the mismatching clothes idea :)

  5. I get a kick out of your little Xander. He has a super cute personality. I made some Chinese stuff already this tonight for family!

  6. oh..the wow wow...just beautiful. We will probably keep our cheap Slumberland bedroom set forever. My bedroom also stinks. Anyway we put the bed...I have to crawl in to get into our bed. My side of the bed is always up against the wall.

  7. The bed is SO beautiful. I want one! We tend to fix everything else up first before our bedroom. And that is the place where all the stuff goes when we "company clean." Perhaps some priority reassessing is in order. Thanks for the nudge. :)

  8. Solal chuka hamnida! I *think* that's how you say it in Korean.

    The bed is stunning. May it be filled with lots of rest, preggers! :)

  9. I love your bed! I think we are going to give Catholic school a whirl for the next school year. it is a lot of money, but I don't think that we will regret it.


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