Thursday, February 13, 2014

34 Weeks + 4 Days

First of all, I want to thank Heather at Mama Knows, Honeychild for recapping my great Momlympics win.  Phil was very impressed with the curvaceous figure she gave me :)

Please excuse the blurry picture, but I just need you all to see how much I've exploded in the past couple weeks.  I've outgrown a lot of my maternity shirts, and I just keep growing!  At my last appointment, I had only gained 19.5 pounds, but I'm going to blow the socks off my midwife when I weigh in this time.  6 pounds in 2 weeks is an acceptable gain if the weeks include snowy days and Valentine's treats, right?

34 weeks and I am surprising myself!

Every other week at work, we have a Faculty Meeting where all of us have to sit at the student's desks (the kind with the chairs attached) while we listen to the Administration give us updates.  It's become a running joke to the ladies who sit around me that I won't be able to sit at the desk much longer.

I think I have maaaaaaybe one more meeting left to sit before I'm standing room only.

As far as I know Baby Martini is still transverse, but I've started going to a chiropractor who is trying to help loosen everything up to give the baby more space to turn freely.  She massaged my shoulders (she couldn't believe how tight I was!) and it felt sooooooo good.  There's one spot on my back that made me cry when she touched it, oh my gosh it hurt so bad (how am I going to get through labor?)  She said it's from my ribs separating to accommodate the baby.  Sounds pleasant enough.

My only real craving is still cottage cheese, but this week, I have been more than happy to eat Vanilla Joe-Joe's, and I'm all out now, and Trader Joe's is an hour away :(

What other pregnancy stuff can I bore you with?  

My rings are getting tighter, which I'm blaming on the phenomenon known as Gold-Shrinks-In-The-Winter, because it couldn't possibly be the box of Joe-Joe's I ate...they're ALL NATURAL!  I have just begun the waking up around 2 am for no reason part of the pregnancy.  It will be interesting to see if this baby is a 2 am nurser and these are just my trial runs.

All kidding and nerves aside, I really am excited to meet this baby!!!  With the gene pool Phil and I have, our kids can end up with any color hair or eyes and I always get so pumped to see what he/she will look like.  As long as the baby is cute, we'll keep it ;)


  1. WOW, you look fantastic. Praying for baby and for you as well this week. Thanks for the great post.

  2. I'm pretty sure that outgrowing those desks means you should get the cushy teacher chair ;)

  3. I believe Joe-Joe's are documented to help with baby-turning. I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere. Turn, baby, or mama's gonna have to do that whole ironing board thing!

  4. Yep, ugly babies definitely go right back. ;-)

  5. Oh my gosh! You look amazing! You are definitely smaller than me and I'm not even pregnant - love it!
    Happy Valentine's to you and Mr. Martin!

  6. LOL. You are so darn funny. Of course the baby will be cute; it has no choice. Love the belly vs desk photo. And you??? You DO look awesome….not even a little bit patronizing.

  7. Lookin' good mama! Man, this time is flying by, isn't it? Oh wait, that's probably just for the rest of us. Loved the belly and desk shot. Please don't try to sit down at that next mtg or Phil may just have to try and get you unstuck. Of course, maybe that would put you into labor and maybe not the worst thing. Unless it was still too early for Martini to arrive.

    Eagerly waiting, my friend. Eagerly waiting. :)


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