Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Notes from the Couch, Winter Olympics Edition

The Sochi Olympics are well under way, and I haven't been able to watch nearly as much as I want to.  But here are some highlights from my perch on the couch, eating nachos and watching my muscles atrophy.

Can we talk about the sweaters?  U.G.L.Y., you ain't got no alibi.  Sorry Ralph Lauren, perhaps I'm just not fashionable enough to appreciate them, but they are too busy, too 1980s, too Ugly Sweater Contest winning.

Big floating heads scare me.

I know it's immature of me, but I love when something goes wrong in a live event.  LOVE.  So you can imagine how happy four rings and a snowflake made me.

All the single ladies, all the single ladies...

Nightmare Bear is looking a little Putin, dontchathink?

The resemblance is uncanny.

Moving on.

Oh figure skating, you used to be my favorite Winter Olympic sport, back in the days of Nancy Kerrigan.  I'm still in awe of what the skaters can do on ice, but there are so many changes with the ice dancing and team scoring that I feel I can't quite follow.  Also, I do not like it when brothers and sisters skate together. 

It's a little...
Oh you two, why did you have to get divorced?
 Ashley Wagner cracked me up with her faces, while seeing her score.  She was not impressed at all.  This is exactly how I would react, as I can not hide any emotion, and I loved it.
I did awesome!  Hey, what the??

 And they say ice skating is not manly?  Ohhhhh...nevermind.
I can't even touch my toes.
These American ice dancers were wonderful to watch.  Especially Charlie.  Doesn't he look exactly what you would think a Charlie is supposed to look like?   

 Speaking of curly hair....

Let's review curling, otherwise known as the one Olympic sport that my husband thinks he has a chance to compete in.  Why?  I don't know.  But the outfits are pretty amazing: 
Hey Russia, 1990 called, and they want their Jams back.

Norway gets the gold for fashion.
Curlers or Barber Shop Quartet?  You be the judge.

 We watched the Men's Cross Country event, and it might have been the most boring hour of my life.  Until the very end, when the announcers were so amped up and yelling, that it made it VERY EXCITING ALL OF A SUDDEN!  Then these top athletes all fell down at the end.  It was great.
Also great, watching cross country skiers race uphill.  #notawkwardatall

Meet my friend, Sage.  First medal winner, and a Gold one at that.  He was wicked awesome on the slopes.  Some might even say gnarly.  Or rad.
Is that Sage he's holding?

 The athletes are having a lot of fun in Olympic village, sharing photos and tweets like these:
It's like I always say, they who ski together, pee together.

No caption necessary.

And the athlete's names are making for a great list of possible baby names...



And that rounds up today's edition of Notes from the Couch, back to you Sochi.


  1. Ha, this was awesome. 1. I definitely felt bad for Semen when I saw his name. 2. Those curling costumes rock. 3. I agree about the skating. And anytime the skating pairs are siblings or not married, I always feel a little awkward with some of those moves! 4. I wasn't able to find the entire opening ceremony online so I still haven't watched it. But judging by some of the clips, I'm not sure I want to! Why are they always so weird???

  2. I don't know you personally, but after this post I am positive we would be BFFs! I am so not into ice skating this year and the brother sister thing, WHY? WHY? And ever time I talk about snowboarding I start using words like totally, rad and gnarly. Thanks for the fun post.

  3. you so made me laugh!! I'd watch the olympics with you anytime! I'll bring chips.

  4. This was so great. I haven't been watching the games but now I feel all caught up. Thank you. :)

  5. I have a fab-u-lous baby name for you. My husband works in the building industry - not that that matters for the sake of this tale I suppose, but I have a tremendous ability to add irrelevant details when telling a story.. Ahem, back to my point: he worked with a lovely Eastern European (?) contractor named Peni. Peni was the sole proprietor of his own company. He named his company, as so many individuals are wont to do, after himself. So his business cards and his truck logo and all invoices and all his bid forms read "Peni's Construction". Anyhow, you're welcome! PS I don't have a profile, so I'm posting as anonymous . I hope that's not creepy considering the story I'm sharing. ~ jennifer. PPS I wonder if he's related to Semen?

  6. Colleen, this made me love you more than ever. Hi.Lar.Ee.Ous.

  7. Thanks for helping me catch up! I've hardly gotten to watch a whole lot of the games (but my Lily is really enjoying it and giving me the details), but now I know all I need to know. And really, I think you caught all the important highlights and such. Please tell me you are gonna keep on with at least another edition (or two) from the couch?

    Btw, I've got this all ready for you: Martini Sugar Macarena Martin. You're welcome.

    ps...I am not even gonna touch those boy names cuz that would just be WAY too much fun for a Wed morning. Bwahaha.

  8. He-hee!! I'm still laughing. Best winter Olympic report evah!!

  9. Please, lets skip Semen! LOL. Thanks for the laugh…this post was hilarious.
    Every time I get done with a chore or workout, I walk into the family room and fall down. The crowd goes crazy and I get a gold medal for being silly.

  10. Seriously, I REALLY WANTED TO LAUGH when I saw "Semen" was his name but I was watching with the kids and that was it! So glad you caught it too :)

  11. love all of your notes from the couch! my husband also thinks he can be an Olympian in curling.... he even looked up nearby rinks where he can learn to curl :)


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