Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Every time I sit down to write my 7 Quick Takes Friday, I'm like HOW IS IT ALREADY FRIDAY??  And then I say "Colleen!  Calm down!  It's Friday, not Monday!"

Oh yeeeaaahhhh, it's Friday, y'all!

Well, my friend ended up having her adorable baby girl on Wed night so I don't get to watch a real baby being born in real time.  I was  I'm happy for her that her husband was able to be there for her before his Alaskan interview.  I'm just sad that I wasn't able to be her coach and use the advice Phil gave me:

Don't be sympathetic or empathetic.  Just cheer her on like you're watching her run a marathon.  And when it gets to the point where she wants to give up, keep her focused on how close the end is.

Good advice, Mr. Martin.  It's like you've been down that road once or fivesies.

I hate the word "lovers" - blech, puke.

I was putting the littles to bed last night, and the big boys went to their room, where Eamon had grabbed a book about babies being born, and was reading it.  When I walked in, Andrew jumped up, embarrassed, and said "Mom, is this book for kids or moms and dads?"  I looked at it and told him it was for kids, and he said "Well, they talk about virginias in it."

Somehow, I missed my blog's birthday.  

She turned 6 on January 28th!  Six years of nonsense, six years of fun.

Baby Martini is still nice and comfy in the transverse position.  My midwife thinks he/she will turn on his own, but we only have 3 weeks left to make that happen before the dreaded version.  (The lady is so calm in that video, it's oddly intriguing.)

Do you think Google is giving their subtle opinion to Sochi's Winter Olympics?

Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

I love the Olympics so much, and I think I'll have to revive my Notes from the Couch series from the last Olympics.  Because there's nothing like an out of shape, non-Olympian, critiquing the world's finest physical specimens, amiright?

A lesson in manners, by Alexander Blaise:

Xander: Mom, I need to go to timeout!
Me: Why?
Xander: Because I said "butt" and we don't say naughty words.  We say nice words, like "You so pretty and I like you."

So there's hope for you moms of the fifth kid, they start disciplining themselves.

(They also learn words like "butt" from their older siblings, but let's focus on the positives, shall we?)

Have a wonderful Olympic watching weekend everybody!


  1. #3 is just, I can't. I'm laughing SO HARD.

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to your blog! ;-)

    I hope that baby will move for you. I'm 33 weeks right now and the drs are thinking a c-section will be my best option. (They aren't forcing it, but they are encouraging it.) I had a lot of complications with my first that weren't things they consider "one time occurrences". So we'll see . . . I think at this point my "plan" is to schedule a c-section and go into labor a couple of days beforehand. ;-) Ha! Maybe God will help me out on this one . . .

    I love your son put himself in time-out. On a related note, the word "butt" is a strange one . . . My husband and I both come from very Catholic, strict, homeschooled families. My mom puts the word "butt" in the same category as the f word, while my husband's family use it simply to refer to one's bum/hiney/rear/behind/whatever, with zero derogatory associations. I just find it interesting . . .

  3. I hate the word "lover"' too! It always gags me. My husband hates it too so every now and then I will get him a Valentine's Day card with that word in it and we will laugh and gag together.

  4. I thought of you today, on account of because of the olympics. :) I love the opening ceremony. And I am certain google's graphic was intentional.

  5. That Xander is killing me...with cuteness.

    Good luck as you head down the home stretch!

  6. Don't dread the version, I didn't think it was that bad. If you have a doc/midwife who is good at it and willing to help you, it goes pretty well. It was mostly just uncomfortable for me -- a lot of pressing and pushing and trying to catch my breath. But it was over quickly, they don't prolong the experience for mom or baby. The doc who did my version has done hundreds and he said that you can usually tell in the first 30 seconds if the baby is going to flip or not. If the baby's not moving, they stop trying to force the issue.
    You've got a favorable chance if you have had a baby already, have a nice stretchy uterus, plenty of fluid, and the baby's not engaged in the pelvis -- I think you've got a good shot. And besides, you still have time. My 2 that flipped on their own didn't do it until 39 weeks. I was just stubborn and refused to do anything before then.
    Thinking of you!

  7. Well I didn't read too much into the Google until I saw this post. Then I saw a tweet from The Today show about it. Annoying. But really I think they're just giving their opinion to Russia. I also LOVE the Olympics!! Oh and Phil should write a book because THAT would have been great advice to be given out at our childbirth class for the dads to be.

  8. Sorry you didn't get to witness a birth as a support person; excellent advice from Mr. Phil.

    The Olympics rings have been multi-color for a LONG TIME; everyone exhale please!!

    Love that Xander!!

  9. Sorry now worry my last comment was snarky ~ didn't mean you needed to exhale ~ just getting annoyed at all the speculation if anything multi-color is political statement.

  10. This all made me laugh today :) Definitely intentional by Google. With the controversy and the fact that those aren't the Olympic colors...yep. Prayers that baby Martini turns for you! Do they have a pool at your gym? Or interested in chiropractic? If stuff isn't all in alignment down there, it can make it hard for baby to turn...

    Happy blogoversary!

  11. I had an unsuccessful version with my 2nd baby (and then a C-section), but he ended up being 9 lbs, 4 oz so he really didn't have a lot of room to move. The experience wasn't bad. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. However, I could NOT watch the video you linked to for more than about 15 seconds. Eeep! I'm glad I didn't see that before they did it to me!

  12. Three weeks! Hang in there!

  13. Slow day for me. I'm like whuuuut...with the google thing?! then someone mentioned Russia and I was looking for anything (gay related)..OH it is a rainbow.get it.
    like I said..slow.
    Praying for your baby to do spin!

  14. ALL = AWESOME.
    Oops, was I supposed to look at when I started blogging, and then make myself a margarita to celebrate it's birthday.
    I need to stay on top of these things.
    Turn baby Sarah, turn!

  15. WHAT???!!!
    Okay, I just checked and I started blogging (if that's what you can call it) last year on 1/28…
    Coolsies, yo!

  16. 1. Love! 4. Happy Blogiversary!!! 5. said prayers for you and your pregnancy specifically this week 6. Yay Olympics!! and Notes from the Couch!! :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  17. First, Happy Blogiversary!!! Which means we've been friends now like 4 EVER. I will eat cake today to celebrate! You should too, even if it is belated.

    #3 Died. Just died. Hysterical.

    I definitely think another Notes from the Couch winter edition is in order. You are too good for the world not to read your in-depth analysis. Perhaps all the Olympic watching in order to gain your vast knowledge will also give Martini the idea to do her/his own moves in the correct position?

    That discipline themselves part is almost enough of a reason to have a #5. But then Xander is wise beyond his years so he's probably the exception.

    Happy weekend!

  18. #6 No, you're not reading too much into it. When I scrolled down the page a bit I found a part of the Olympics' umm consitution(?) which said how sports are everyone's right without regard to their race, gender, etc, etc. If this is going to become a trend I'm going to have to look for a new searcher.
    #7 Awesome

  19. Happy Blogiversary!! And, I love #3. And, I love the word lovers. ;)


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