Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Photo and Brain Dump

I obviously packed my gym bag in the dark yesterday morning, because when I went to put my sneakers on to head to the gym, here's what I had.  Whoops!  At least my belly hides my feet!

I was doing my trashy workout reading, and could not believe the title of this article:

Good for them for waiting until marriage, shame on the media for making that seem like an impossible and unrealistic dream.  I was not a fan of Catherine's vows though - something about heart sprinkles and blinding everyone.  I just think the traditional vows can't be beat.  Call me old fashioned.

Today we are home from work/school due to the snow.  I made Patty's pumpkin cake with vanilla frosting from this recipe (I used vanilla not almond extract) and it was sooooooo good.  Of course, because we were eating it for second breakfast, I added 1/2 cup of ground flax seed to the recipe to make myself feel better.  It worked.

Meanwhile, the men were outside working hard to clear the driveway: 

I love how they are all big enough to help but little enough to still think it's fun!

Well deserved cocoa and cake:

And then Phil and I cleaned out the pantry and some cabinets, you know those chores that never get done unless you're stuck inside with time and energy to spare.

What a disaster...

Look how old this box of jello was!!  Jeesh!

Oh and this little one has been running around the house naked and occasionally stopping here for a break.  He's reeeeeaaaally good at #1 but still scared of #2.  Same old story as all my other kids.

In more important news, Ellen and Kate revealed their baby genders!  Baby fever is burning through blogland :)

Oh, and I almost forgot!!  My friend (and wife of Phil's second cousin) is due with her 5th baby next week, and her husband has to travel to Alaska for a job interview from tomorrow morning until Sat night.  Bad timing, right?  The good news is that she has 3 friends who said they wanted to stand-in for her hubby (as best they could) if she went into labor while he was away.  I'm one of them, and she assigned me Saturday duty.  I might actually get to check off one of my bucket list items and see a baby born!!  *fingers crossed*


  1. Use the outdated jello to make playdough! (If you haven't thrown it out yet.) You can google the recipe and the kids can help make and then play. =)

  2. Oh goodness that cake looks so delicious! I didn't get to watch Catherine wedding to the bachelor missed it, but yeah I am old fashioned in vows too. And you're so right about the media making it a big deal he was a virgin I don't know how many times I heard it on Tv that week. Its just awful that this the "norm" now a days scares me for this little one.

    Your boys are AWESOME!!
    xo Marissa
    have a blessed day.

  3. That's on my bucket list too! I really want to see a baby born in real life :)

  4. Glad you enjoyed that cake and thanks for the link-y love on it! And great job on the potty training...looks as though you will be close, if not out of, two sets of diapers when baby arrives! OH, and I love the name of the blog where you found the frosting...that sounds a girl after my own heart :)

  5. Ugh, I don't watch the Bachelor (I have other, very very guilty reality tv pleasures, so I'm certainly no moral authority here) but I've heard about this couple and their renewed virginity or whatever. I just think it's something reality tv latched onto and fetishized for higher ratings; it's exploiting purity, not promoting it. It's rather offensive to all of us who tried really hard to be pure before marriage for the right reasons. End rant.

    And thanks for the shoutout about our gender reveal :) Maybe it's the extra testosterone in me that's making me all ranty? Haha

  6. Where's the after picture of the pantry? Need inspiration ;)


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