Monday, May 5, 2014


Do you want to see my twins?  

Meet Declan and Something Other Than God, Jennifer Fulwiler's new book.

Oh, you don't think they look anything alike?  Well, that's because they are fraternal.

They are practically identical in every other way though:

They both were delivered late.

They were both worth the wait.

They both are (as the shirt says) irresistible.

They both call to me, begging to be picked up at all hours of the day and night.

They are both impossible to put down.

They are both life changers.

Both make me laugh and cry.

They are both on sale at Amazon.  

Just kidding, Declan is only for rent.

(Only between the hours of midnight and 6 am)

See?  Twinsies.

Now go get you your own #SOTG, it's a lot easier than having a baby :)


  1. You are always so funny :) and I love that cute baby!

  2. AHHH too cute!
    Can't wait to read it, which might be before I get to hold DK!

  3. This is too cute, Colleen!

  4. This is the greatest book promo post I've ever seen!

  5. haha! I can't believe you have the brain cell right now to be so funny! you crack me up. I just finished Jennifer's book and I loved it. Now I'm just waiting for Declan's little buddy to arrive..10 more weeks!

  6. Twinsies definitely!!
    Well done!

  7. What an adorable post, Colleen. I just got my SOTG yesterday and I'm having serious trouble getting anything else do. When will I have another few minutes free?!

  8. That pic is adorable!

  9. Haha love it!!
    And he is!!!

  10. Best SOTG post I've read so far!! And I'm well into the book also - love it!

  11. You are hysterical, Colleen, even in your sleep-deprived state! Declan is adorable. As for the book, I gotta get me a copy.


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