Friday, July 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes FRIDAY

July 4th happened, even though Hurricane Arthur came and dumped 8 inches of rain on us in one day!  We were able to catch a parade the next day, go to a pot luck dinner, and watch the fireworks from our windows later that night.  Really being inside watching fireworks is the don't have to get bitten by bugs, no fighting your way through the crowds, and you can put the little ones to bed and just let the big guys stay up late.

Let's go guys!

My oldest found a snail.

Some patriotic cousins.

They're going to shoot sparkly fire into the sky that costs thousands of dollars?

The ladies.

The fellas.
More cousins in the pickup.

Whew, that was exhausting.


The babies are coming!  The babies are coming!


Mary's post resonated with me, and I couldn't agree more.  Keep on keeping on, little bloggers.


Phil is running a camp at our kid's new school this week and for the next two weeks.  The kids are having so much fun!  The day starts out with Mass and they have Vacation Bible School and prayers throughout the day, and then lots of arts and crafts, sports, water fun, relay races, dancing, etc. 

Watching Veggie Tales while drying off from water games.
Some of the beauties.

There's Maggie on the right.
 Phil and the kids come home exhausted and stinky every day but everyone sleeps well at night!!  Here they are learning the Bunny Hop:


That's What He Said....

Me: Xander, Do you have friends at camp?
Xander: Uh-huh!
Me: What are their names?
Xander: Sean, Sophie, Braelyn, Shaylyn, Jaylyn, Malyn, Calyn, Waylyn and Josh.


Monday morning started off with a flat tire, calling a friend to pick me up, being late for work, getting by with only one car for two days, and $250 later we have a new tire and a fixed tire pressure sensor something or other.

Flatter than me at 12 years old.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday with Chinese takeout at my sister's house, and I just love this photo of Declan sitting on the table, looking worried that he might be the main course.  I do love to nibble on him all day long :)

Did I hear ribs were on the menu??

Have a relaxing and summery weekend everybody!


  1. "Flatter than me at 12 years old"......You're a riot, Colleen!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. What a list of babies on the way! wow, it certainly is baby season! Looks like the 4th was another fun holiday for you, despite all that rain. And Declan, well, he is just TOO CUTE. Give him some lovin' from me please.
    I'm off to Mary's post because my lil ol' blog ain't got nothin' goin' on. I could use some encouragement because I don't wanna quit just yet.

    Happy Weekend Martins!

  3. How did that baby get old enough to sit up in a high chair already?

    I love all "lyn" names. LOL

  4. Thanks for sharing that link to Mary's blog. It was spot on!

  5. Declan is such a little cutie?!

    And I didn't realize that Xander was friends with the Lyn Sextuplets! HA!

  6. Just a few things: Declan is adorable and I think I'm in love with him, Xander is hilarious and I think I'm in love with him, YOU are hilarious and I think I'm in love with you. That about covers it for now. ;)

  7. Seriously, Declan?? Sitting up like that already?? What the heck? And he looks just like Xander in that first shot!
    All right, so inquiring minds want to know how you keep up on so many blogs? I only have a few (ha, like 30 something is a few) in my reader and more than that overwhelms me but I also appreciate knowing people this way. Any tricks?

  8. Hahahaha! Your captions are the best! And I couldn't agree more about watching the fireworks inside! Soooooo true!!! For us, there is also the safety concern about taking our kids outside on the 4th because fireworks are legal and I swear that our neighbors take that as a personal challenge. Scary!

  9. This was hilarious and sweet!!!


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