Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Update: Bass, Mass, Sass, and Covering Your, uh, Bum

On Sunday morning we took the kids to Bass Pro Shops near where the best football team in the world plays to kill a little time before we were picking up a priest after his Sunday Mass.  My boys love this shop, and must have each asked me 4,321 times if they could get a BB gun or fishing pole.  They do not realize we live in not-the-middle-of-the-forest.  They also do not realize they have a mother who loves not nature.  I mean, sure, it's great to look at, but there's a reason Jim Gaffigan and I connect on so many levels:

Anyway, back to the store...
Sometimes I am still shocked that we have six kids!!  But they're so great!!

Declan loves being carried around like a sack of potatoes.
What, you don't carry sacks of potatoes around in a baby bjorn?

"Mom, you should come in here!"
"No thanks, I can't fit."
"Oh yeah, cuz you're so big."
"We say 'tall' not 'big'"

Heroes in a half shell.

Don't look behind ya!
They have a half mile "hike" (I always think hikes are supposed to be uphill, and this was flat) around this small body of water in the back of the store.  It's nice, and about as outdoorsy as I want to be.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate nature....I just respect it and want to leave the wild animals alone.  Did you know that I once went hiking in California and started seeing warning signs all over the place for mountain lions?  I've never been more scared in my life.  Ooooh, another time, I was running in New Hampshire and there were black bear warning signs.  That was a close second.  Maggie definitely inherited my nature fears and was scared of ticks and every time she heard a bird in the woods.  She did have a tick in her ear once, and birds are just rodents with wings, so her fear is warranted.

Looking for frogs on all those lilly pads.

After we picked up our priest friend, we drove him to the airport and were able to have lunch with one of my dear friends, Sarah.  It was super fast and chaotic and I wish we could have spent the whole weekend with her.  We didn't even remember to get a picture together.  Bad bloggers.

So I wanted to share with you all a new tank top I got that I am really loving:

It's from Kohl's and it's the perfect postpartum tank because it's blousy around the belly area, but still manages to be flattering.  It's also long enough to mostly cover your bum, which is a plus when you're wearing capri leggings like I do when running. 

Well, these photos are a lesson in humility for me.  But I'm trying to prove that they help cover the postpartum tummy.  Maybe once I lose the rest of this baby weight, these will be my before pictures.  The afters won't come for another year and a half because I seem to get back in good shape riiiiiight before getting pregnant again ;)

 If you order one from Kohls using your Kohl's card and the promo codes "Beach30" and "JulyMVC" before July 20, you can get it for only $6.30!!  I may or may not have bought 4 of them.  And no, Kohl's does not pay me to say anything nice about them (but I wish they did!)


  1. Bass Pro Shop is Amazing :)
    I always want to start a
    new hobby like hunting,
    or fishing when I go there.
    your precious babies are sweet :)

  2. Love the pics. My husband is not so nature but I am...the kids are a mix, some are and some aren't.

  3. Humility? Colleen, you look amazing! And I was totally chuckling the whole way through this post with you and Maggie not being outdoorsy. "Rodents with wings" reminds me of what my dad always called deer: giant rats with hooves. And ticks are no joke, yo. My aunt and uncle got lyme disease back in the 90s and they still battle the effects of it today.

  4. get in shape? ? ? excuse me, you look fabulous!

  5. I just love your little sack of potatoes. And yes, I am talking about Declan not any postpartum belly (of which I see none).
    Now that tank is super cute and flatters/covers all the right areas. I could get one (or several) but it would def really show off my major tan line areas. lol. I'm curious on the capris. I bought some workout capris but they are the spandex ones. Oddly enough, I really like them but with their form fittingness I feel like it's sinful to wear them. (??!!) So far, I haven't ventured for outside workouts in them. I have had a hard time finding shorts or capris that are the right fit (not too short or long, not too tight or too loose) for working out. Help!!??

  6. That is the perfect tank for running. I have to get me one of those!


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