Friday, September 5, 2014

7 Takes Quickly

Joining Jen and the Gang because it's Fuhrhidayyyyy!!


I read somewhere online that you can take the bottom part of lettuce that you would normally toss, and place it in a cup of water, and new lettuce will grow.  So I tried it, and guess what?  New lettuce is growing!!  It's been a couple weeks and this is all I got, but I think that's due to lack of sunlight in my house.

I was so excited to show Phil my lettuce that I was growing because I'm such a wonderful homemaker (not), and he looked at the limpy and wimpy leaves and replied "I'll just buy you new lettuce."


Declan is 5 months!  He had such an unusual night last night.  He woke up a few times, and ate twice, which I can't ever remember him doing after 6 weeks old.  He went through quite a long spell of sleeping through the night, and then started waking up once a night (which I loved so I could fatten him up with an extra feeding) so we have been really spoiled by this ridiculously cute and easy baby boy.  He does have two bottom teeth coming in, so maybe I'll chalk it up to that.


All of the big kids are in school (I use that term loosely as it includes 3 year old Xander) and seem to be doing great with the new school and making new friends.  J-P has mentioned missing his old friends and is a little on the shy side, so he will take the longest to adjust, I think.  Alexander seems to be having the time of his life in preschool, and then completely melts down when we bring him home.  Poor guy is exhausted and has been going to bed at 6:30 without any fuss at all.


Can somebody please remind me next summer when I go to sign up all the kids for soccer that it's JUST TOO MUCH!!  Oh my gosh, we haven't even had the first weekend games yet and I'm already over it.  

Mother of the Year.


This Saturday is the First Saturday of the month, and our parish is starting a new group called Fatima Families to help spread the message and devotion to Our Lady of Fatima.  Our Lady promised that anyone who went to Mass on five consecutive First Saturdays, said the Rosary, went to Confession, and meditated on the mysteries of the Rosary for 15 minutes would have Her with them at the hour of death with all the graces necessary for salvation!  What an amazing promise!  And we know it's true because the apparition is approved.  I don't know about you, bit I'm kinda really scared to die, so knowing Our Lady will be there with me at the moment would be such a huge relief.


We celebrated the September birthdays in the family over Labor Day weekend.  

We've got quite a few of the next generation born during this month, and then October is the second busiest birthday month for my side of the family.  Must have something to do with it being around 9 months after Christmas ;)


Some of my book club members went out a few weeks ago to celebrate the end of summer and finish up the last chapter of our summer book, Momnipotent by Danielle Bean.  It was a great book, we had great discussions, and a lot of fun on our night out.

Moms Gone Wild :)

Have an awesome September weekend!


  1. So funny about the lettuce. My husband has been growing a pineapple for about 3 years now. (Using the leafy part on top) I think I said the same thing as Phil. But 3 years later there's still a pineapple plant in my house. (And we have definitely bought pineapple since then too.)

  2. I laughed out loud at the soccer comment! This happens to us EVERY year. "What could be so bad?", we day. "Only one sport per kid!", we say. Ha! It's like we're parenting newbies or something. And then we spend every Friday thinking, "I'm not going to lie - I would NOT be crying if it rains tomorrow and all the games are cancelled!" Sigh.

  3. Hi Colleen. My kinder son was melting down every day when we got home too. Okay, actually the minute we left the school parking lot. I couldn't concentrate on driving so the second week, I had a brainstorm. We talked about how school is stressful for the youngsters and came up with a plan. When I pick up him and his sister, we all plug our ears and yell out the day's stress when we are in the car.

    This totally turned things around for us! He has stopped having the fits after school and I notice I feel better too! My daughter turned it into a "no process" and yells things like, "Don't tell me to be quiet!" during the yelling time.

    It's a fun way to discharge the stress. Might be worth trying with your little guy.


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