Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So That Happened

Today Alexander started school!  He turned three at the end of July and began preschool at our parish school today.  This morning didn't start until 9 am so that the little preschoolers could start their day without all the big kids around.  I went into work late to be able to bring him in, and it was a very.long.morning!  He was so excited to go!  He watched me do a workout video and encouraged me with words like "No, you're doing it wrong!  Why you not jumping high like them? When I was an adult I did this better than you.  Why you getting so sweaty?"  Yeah, school couldn't start early enough ;)

Is it time for school yet?  Can we go yet?  Can I play with the kids already?
Once inside the school gym/cafe/auditorium (gotta love Catholic schools!) he ran around and found some friends as we waited for the teachers to call his class. 

The "Small Wonders" class was called, and all the little 3 year olds lined up for their big day!  

The teachers said it was time to go to the classroom, and Alexander grabbed the hand of his buddy, Sean, and off they marched.  No tears, no drama, just ready to go!

I was a little more emotional than I thought I would be watching my 5th child start school, but it's great when they are so ready for the adventure that awaits them that they are not even sad to leave.  

Five down, one to go...

Just kidding Declan, you're only 5 months today, you've got another three years!


  1. That's cute! Vincent turned 3 at the end of June. but...his 3-days at an in-home daycare is still cheaper than preschool, so he's still going there. Next year for Pre-K! :)

    He looks so cute and ready to go. And I can definitely empathize with having to listen to the commentary of a 3-year-old while working out. When I do burpees, Vincent says, "faster, momma! faster!" haha

  2. I love his "encouragement." Hilarious. I hope he has a good first day of school. I am having a hard time believing Declan is 5 months old!

  3. What a cutie! Glad he went willingly and without tears! That always makes it so much more enjoyable for everyone involved!

  4. So cute! Annamarie starts next Tuesday, as my first I am totally going to cry! ha!

  5. Happy First Day Alexander! I hope it was a fun day. Way to go mom!

  6. Yea, Xander! He looked soooo excited to go! He probably thinks he's super cool like the big kids! (which he is)

  7. So cute! I'm glad he didn't cry all morning like the kid in Grace's class. ;)

    And seriously, Declan is one of the cutest babies ever ever ever.


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