Saturday, September 27, 2014

8 is Gr8

Eamon turned 8 yesterday!

When asked if he felt older, he replied "Yeah, a little bit".

His birthday dinner was the Pizza Hut Dinner Box:

He was dying to open a present and couldn't wait until after the cake, and because he is SUCH a good boy who is often forgotten about (middle child problems) we let him open his best present in between dinner and dessert:

I'm always focused on taking photos of the birthday boy, and then upon review love seeing how all the siblings are delighting in his gifts with him:

He got the remote controlled truck he wanted!
 Love these faces...Xander is like "Thank you for my present", Andrew is hysterical, John-Paul is jealous, Eamon is thrilled, Maggie is shocked and Declan is like "WHAT IS HAPPENING?":

Jazz hands!

They all ran outside to try it out, and Xander put on Maggie's sneakers in his rush out the door:

Eamon played with it first, then let each of the kids have a minute and a half turn.  So generous ;)

"Drive through my legs!"

Gammy and Grandpa gave $8 and a miraculous medal, which Eamon had asked for.  He then had it blessed by Monsignor after Mass today, which happened to be Monsignor's 50th birthday.

Love Maggie here.

Xander denying Grandpa a kiss as soon as he laid eyes on the cake.

Again, Maggie.

His birthday cake request was "a chocolate cake with coffee frosting and chocolate chips, but not too sweet or Andrew might get a bellyache."

Eamon is obsessed with Pokemon cards.  The boys all love them even though I don't get it at all.  He also got a new soccer ball, a Beyblade, a juggling set from Nana and Gramps, and a future sleepover at his godparent's house.  He said his 8th birthday was great!  Just like him :)  We love you Eamon, with all your quirky ways and sweet as pie personality.


  1. He asked for a Miraculous Medal? How sweet is he? I love the cake request, too-so funny! Happy birthday Eamon!

  2. I love the picture with all the siblings being excited over Eamon opening his gifts! He sounds like such a sweet boy!

  3. Happy Birthday Eamon!! Looks like it was a great day!

  4. Happy 8th birthday Eamon ! What a sweetheart you are.I hope you had a gr8 birthday. That cake sounds delicious! I hope you ate a piece for me ;)

  5. Coffee frosting! What refined tastes! I love that he asked for a miraculous medal too. You're raising some good ones!

  6. Okay, he is the sweetest! What a great birthday! And so many great pics!

  7. I love you Eamon & i always love your birthday posts!


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