Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Life

This is how you sleep in on a Saturday morning.  And sleeping in means any shut eye caught past 6 am.  Phil's such a good baby daddy...not like "he's my baby daddy, snap snap snap, head wiggle, mmm-hmmm" but that he loves being a father to his children in the baby stage.  Unlike their mother, ahem.

Then it was off to the soccer fields for a few hours.  John-Paul just told us he's been dropping the hyphen when he writes his name, right around the same time that I thought up the best nickname I wished we had started when he was a baby. "Dash".  If you hyphenate your child's name, feel free to steal it.

Won his game and made quite a few assists.
Maggie's team had their team photo.  She's actually not the tallest on her team this year!  But that's because there are 6 AND 7 year olds on it (she's 6).

Won her game and scored a goal!
I've noticed while walking around the fields at practices and games how different boys and girls are.  The coaches have to use such different approaches depending on what gender they have, and the boys are usually being told to share the ball, while the girls are being told to be more aggressive.  Boys also like to wrestle in any free moment they have while girls are usually seen practicing cartwheels and throwing grass :)

My shadow  image is so much kinder to me than my mirrored reflection.  Yay for nature's mood booster!
Andrew and Eamon are the resident sports nuts in the house.  They are always playing or watching some kind of sport, and seem to be pretty good athletes for their age.  It's definitely because they are constantly practicing in their playtime, whereas Maggie and J-P prefer reading.  To each their own, as long as they are staying fit somehow.

Scored 2 goals for the win!

Won his first game this season and scored a goal!

I bought them each a cookie after their games and then charged them a One Bite Tax. 

Then Declan had to get some vaccinations (yes, we are those parents) and have a weight check because I'm still a Nervous Nelly about his thin physique.  

Big brothers waiting for the shots to be over.

At 5 months, 2 weeks he weighed in at 14 pounds 12.5 ounces.  When Alexander was 6 months old, he weighed 23 pounds, so you can see why I was worried.  But he's fine!  Just svelte!!

Pre shots...

Post shots.  He did cry a little after the 2nd shot, but was easily soothed once he realized how fashionable his bandaids were.  
On Sunday, we went apple picking and had to take the obligatory Kids on the Hay photo.  

Pretty good, next year remind me to pick out their outfits.

Randomly placed chickens confused Xander.

When Phil asked how many apples we wanted to pick, I replied "Not too much, this is more about the photo op."

Nature's teether.

Glad the stroller was good for something.

We had just come from the gym, pardon our appearances.

The fruit of our labor.  Haha, fruit.  Awesome recipe here.

So that was pretty much our weekend wrap up.  There were also chores completed, football watched, Mass served, movies enjoyed, and plenty of fights and kisses.  Life is so busy but so good.


  1. I totally do the food tax in our house too and I thought I was so clever! Accounting minds totally think alike!

    1. And this is why tax collectors were so hated in the Bible :)

    2. Yep, Kirk always reminds me of that when we get to hear those lovely readings at Church.

  2. They are all REALLY REALLY adorable. You are one lucky mamma!

  3. Seriously, Declan is the CUTEST! My husband is a serious little baby lover too, which is good because I am also NOT.

    And yeah, food tax here too :) But only a bite? Yeah, I eat a good half of the cookie... The other day I took the older two on a "date" and we got a big cookie to split and I told them that I'd break it into fourths and I would eat half because the baby needed it - they were TOTALLY cool with it!

  4. I think my husband would kill me if I posted a photo like that! I love it :) Great apple shots...I'm slacking in that this year!

    1. I know, he was like "You could have gotten a better angle!" but I didn't want to wake him!

  5. I don't know why you wrote "we are those parents"?? To me you are just like many other parents in the world who love and care for their kids and want the best for them. It feels like you're apologizing and you have nothing to apologize for.

    1. You are right! I always feel when the subject of vaccination is brought up, people get very heated on certain sides, and I was trying to say that we are on the vaccination side without causing any debates :)

  6. Awe love all your pictures.
    Don't you just hate vaccination time? Over here they put 4 sometimes 5 at a time. I had to tell them I wanted them separated My poor baby cried and cried. You baby is healthy and growing fast. Love the apple picking pics. What an awesome family thing to do.

    1. I always try to have my husband do shots because I cry with the babies!!

  7. Great pictures! Had to miss the apple picking this year sneaking some continuing ed. hours in on the weekend but a friend of mine took pictures.

  8. This is a sweet Life Is Good kind of post. My favorites! Bonus: great photos of your kiddos and esp that little munchkin. It makes me all giddy to meet them ;)

  9. These pics made me so happy! What great fall activities! So glad Declan is a-ok - he's just the sweetest!


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