Friday, September 19, 2014

Sept QT in September


Joining Jen and so excited that Edel will be in South Carolina in 2015!  I mean, I don't know where the money is going to come from to buy a plane ticket, reserve a hotel room and pay for the Edel ticket, but God can do the impossible!

Gotta love the South!


After my post about my postpartum hairloss, a few of you gave some advice that I should get my thyroid tested.  Then I went to the hairdresser to get a bob, and upon seeing the sad state of my thinning hair, she said the same thing.  So I called my doctor's office who set me up for the blood work right away and the tests came back this week that my thyroid levels are fine.  I guess this 6th postpartum stage is just not very kind to my follicles.  I would hate to see what would happen after a seventh bambino!


This made me so happy this week:

Did you know Meghan Trainor is from Nantucket, an island off of Cape Cod where I grew up?  So we're kinda like besties but she doesn't know it.  Like a one-sided stalker bestie.


The baby is teething like it's his full-time job, and Phil has been doing the night-time wakeups, bless his heart.  I need to go on weekend duty to give that man a break.  I just don't do sleep loss as well as he does. 


Related to #4: Sleep is my favorite.


Birthday season is coming up fast in our house.  Next week, Eamon turns 8, a week later, Andrew turns 10, and a week after that Phil turns 34.  I'm exhausted just typing that!  Me + Amazon Prime = BFF.


And that's that.  Have a great football watching - summer weather - weekend everyone!


  1. I'm getting closer to a bob myself. I've lost a lot of hair as well, not as much as you, but it just looks so thin and stringy on the ends. Blech!! Go Pats!

  2. Our birthdays are spread throughout the year. I kinda like it. My sister's family has "birthday season" though, and it coincides with summer -- it's awesome. :)

    Sorry about the hair. I've had my thyroid levels checked for various things...I'm always "borderline" and my doc says there's nothing that can/should be done there. Oh well.

    Edel 2015. You. Me. meet. okay?

  3. Aaron takes over nighttime duty as well for me with the babies. The thing is , when i get up, I am up for two hours. When he gets up for a feeding, he goes RIGHT back to sleep. So, he loses 20 minutes, or I lose 2's a simple decision. BUT, he's still a rockstar.

  4. I have also been blessed with a night time duty husband. I also don't do well on little sleep. I am glad your thyroid looks good even if you don't have an answer about your hair.

  5. It's our birthday season too! We have four kids with birthdays between sept 25 and oct 21! It's crazy!!

  6. I missed the hair loss post, but I'm glad you got tested! I had extreme hair loss after my third child and was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis (my immune system was attacking my thyroid). Still on the road to full recovery...

  7. My hair loss is ridiculous after baby. I'm totally healthy.
    It doesn't bother me too much, except for the bald spots that show up about 4 months pp. Once those go away, I keep having hand fulls of hair fall out, but I have super thick hair that tends to look like I put my finger in the socket, so it's a welcome thinning. I used to have to pay to have it thinned out.
    All that to say: solidarity!

  8. I'm glad you got your thyroid tested even if it didn't give answers to the hair loss. It is good though to have the thyroid working correctly. From one who knows and still a couple years postpartum, I have it checked every so often when things feel a little 'off' for me.
    My hubby is so good about night time duty. Truth is, I sleep like a rock and he doesn't, so he usually hears kids first. Bad mom. Bad, bad mom. I feel guilty about it, but really can't change it. Husband is a gem.
    Edel? You are going?! I saw the South Carolina and was like "how glorious!! OMGosh, that would be so fun...." And then I freaked out that I would stick out and not really fit in with the super amazing mom blogger people and didn't pursue it. I'm shy and way self conscious like that. It would be awesome though!

    Happy weekend to you too. I'm off to a bridal shower for my nephew's soon-to-be wife and then we are off for family vacay (albeit a working vacay for Reed) for a few days. Phew.

  9. So sorry about the hair - we are matching :) BUT love the haircut! And I really loved your last post about detachment parenting - I'm pretty sure mom and dad really had to help us in junior high - it's such a hard time - but you and Phil are the best - I loved reading that one!

  10. My daughter's kids birthdays -
    5 year old girl March 5
    baby boy March 24
    4 year old girl April 5
    9 year old boy April 14
    Whew! :)


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