Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Tale Three Years Old

Once upon a time, a husband and wife were preparing for the arrival of their fifth child.  The couple prayed and decided to ask a friend, who was a priest, to be the unborn baby's godfather.  The priest, Fr. Jay Mello, graciously accepted the role and they waited for the arrival of the baby.  Alexander was born, a big boy with an easy-going personality, and he was loved by all.   

A hurricane swept through on the day of his Baptism.  It was such a hot, sweltering day outside, and they were in an old church with no air conditioning.  

Fans were set up all around the altar to help provide a cool breeze on the special day.  During the Baptism, the godfather had only one light the Baptismal candle. Yet every time he tried to light it, the fans would blow it out.  

Everybody laughed and Alexander grew up.

Into the couple's most challenging toddler ever.

Fr. Jay would often confide to the parents that the reason for Alexander's naughtiness was because the candle was never lit properly at his Baptism.  To which his parents would point the accusatory finger and say "Fix it!"

Just yesterday, three loooooong years since the Candle That Wouldn't Stay Lit Fiasco, Fr. Jay finally did something about it.  The new Bishop of our Diocese came to say Mass at our parish on the parish's feast day:

After the Mass, Fr. Jay asked the Bishop to give Alexander the Naughty a special blessing:

And now he's Alexander the Nice.

Unless he has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Which happens often when you're named Alexander.  



  1. I love this! How fun to have a special blessing from the Bishop!

  2. I love this! And how can anyone so cute be naughty??? You must be mistaken!

  3. This is so cute! He is going to look back on that picture and cherish it when he's older. I love your ending... teririble, horrible, no good, very bad day= awesome book! Happy Advent Martin Family!! <3

  4. Love this and love that book so much!

  5. This is such a sweet and funny story!

  6. I think my toddler needs a special naughty-turning-into-nice blessing.

  7. I died laughing. I think this story only became just a little more fun by meeting/knowing the real cast of characters. I absolutely love it! Alexander the Awesome, that's what he is, whether nice or naughty. What an honor for him to have the special blessing. Very cool.

  8. Awesome post! Is Alexander's middle name Michael? (My mother-in-law always believed that boys with the name Michael had a little bit of the devil in them, because they had the perfect patron to fight him off!)

  9. Yay him and all of you for looking at life with such humor and faith!

  10. Love all the photos! We have 5 children and can relate to your blog. Thank you for sharing


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