Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Poetry in Motion

I cooked a turkey to feed the hungry,
It looked pretty and was the easiest recipe.

Alex, as he's called at school,
looks older suddenly, and so cool.

Declan and I went for a Thanksgiving stroll,
Slept he not, but smiles out he doled.

Grandpa and Gammy with their youngest grandchild,
Who is sweet and happy and not one ounce of wild.

We had to document Declan's 1st Thanksgiving,
6th kids don't get photos like their siblings!

On Black Friday, we cleaned and decorated la maison.
The tree went up, and all looked bon.

Here's a decorating tip from a non-Martha Stewart,
Put the lights by a window for double the effect.
(that didn't even rhyme!)

Every year, Maggie gets the tree-topping work,
Being the only girl in the castle has a perk!

Maggie asked to go to Build-a-Bear with her kin,
It lived up to all of her wildest dreams...Mom for the win!

Making wishes on the hearts,
To stuff inside the stuffy parts.

She chose a monkey, and named him George.
Not to be confused with the other monkey named George.

On Sunday we went to a Christmas festival,
complete with a petting zoo - never a moment dull.

Pigs and bunnies and chickens going bok,
And something that looked like a hen with a faux hawk.

There were elves and music and roasted chestnuts,
That smelled delicious but tasted like bu...ms.

A balloon artist who claimed to be the world's fastest,
But quality over speed would have been best.

And Mr. & Mrs. Claus arrived too,
Xander was shy and Declan didn't know what to do.

"Antique Santa" was also on display,
Which confused the kids - two Santas, steps away?

The Crackers of the Nuts came out to play,
But nutcrackers don't play, they stand all day.

We waited in line to go inside,
To a mansion where many Christmas trees reside.

The nice elves handed out toys of whistles and flutes,
To drive the parents nutty and wish they could press mute.

An old-timey puppet proved entertaining for one,
He named him Jack and had lots of fun.

On Monday, the First of December,
Somebody turned SEVEN without asking her mother.

Dinner was crepes with nutella and whipped cream,
Bacon and sausage and fruit in between.

Presents were opened and Maggie was thrilled,
As all her heart's desires were filled.

Boots made for walking,
And Beanie Boos made for talking.

She reached in to find a new book she had hoped for,
The second in a series she completely adores.

The "chocolate cake with blue frosting" was digested,
Complete with a castle and princess, as requested.

Sometimes I wonder where all the years went,
But with memories like these, the time is well spent.


  1. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving and birthday celebration!!! And good job with all those rhymes! (That would have taken me forever.)

  2. Wow!! Great job, Colleen. That couldn't have been easy. Great pictures of family fun. Love it all, especially cute little Maggie in her new boots. Happy Birthday to her!

  3. Happy birthday, Maggie! My little Rosalie now shares your birthday!

    Love all the photos, Colleen. Looks like a really special Thanksgiving.

  4. She's a crazy poet and she knows it! When she be writin' about the family, holidays, and celebratin', she ain't need no rhyme. Whatever. I am no poet.

    So fun to catch up with your crazy cool family. I smiled throughout, as always. Happy belated birthday to your Miss Maggie! I am so happy that she got the big-eyed stuffed animal thing. Those things are really kind of cute. :)

    Your tree looks beautiful and I can picture how awesome it looks at night with the lights reflecting. Nice work, Martha!

  5. I love the rhymes!!

    Happy Birthday Maggie!

  6. Wow, you are good with the rhyming skills! I cannot believe your little lady is 7 already!

  7. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving, Colleen. :) Happy birthday to your girl!


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