Friday, February 6, 2015

I Heart Valentine's Day

I was compensated for this review, but all opinions are my own.

Guess what's coming up in a week from tomorrow? St. Valentine's Day!!!  If you know me, I just LOVE love.

 I know some people think Valentine's Day is a corny made-up holiday, but what's wrong with taking a day to celebrate those we love?  Some others say every day should be treated as Valentine's Day, but ain't nobody got time for that!  Yes, the sentiment is lovely, but life y'all.  I don't see mothers complaining that Mother's Day is a gratuitous holiday, or fathers asking to not be recognized on Father's Day, so love should be celebrated on Valentine's Day!

Now that you're all on board with this lovely love day, let's discuss what we can do to celebrate inexpensively and easily.  I think of Valentine's Day in terms of my kids and also my husband.  And actually- they aren't that different as the way that they all feel most loved is through their bellies!

The Kiddos

I want to make all six of my kids feel special and cherished without stuffing them full of sugar and cheap toys (they have school parties for that!).  I want them to wake up, realize it's Valentine's Day and be all like:

First up, a HEARTy breakfast (hehehe) with ideas I stole from The Good Stuff online magazine:

Eggs in toast - VDay Style:

Heart Attack Bacon:

If you're not as scared of arts and crafts as I am (6 kids x 6 crafts = 639 messes, do the math), there's a really sweet idea for how to make a Valentine's Day wreath with your kids on page 27.  Or you can make it with my kids at your house, I'll allow that as well :)

The Husband

Okay, here's a big gift I can give to my husband, the man who gets up in the middle of the night if a kid is sick or scared ...the gift of SLEEPING IN!!!  (Completely related - I am so lucky.)  There's the perfect (free!) printable coupon for this specific gift in the Valentine's Day Magazine on The Good Stuff by (page 18) 

During the day, celebrating Valentine's Day means showing a little extra attention here and there...offering to do something for the other...perhaps I can create a special aphrodisiac meal ;)  And if you're into receiving flowers, jewelry or other gifts, here's a great way to save on those at Valentine's Day Deals (just casually leave the page open on the computer - ha!)  

Last but not least, you can have a wonderful date night by recreating some movie scenes, as shown on pages 12-17 of this awesome online magazine.  


Whatever you and your loved ones do, just remember that it's the thought that counts, and just putting a little extra time and attention into an ordinary, everyday task can make it seem LOVEly and extraordinary for the valentine(s) in your life.  And now that I've given you a week-long heads up, you have no excuses not to try :)

P.S. If you're feeling extra lucky - enter the Share the Love Sweepstakes for a chance to win a dream vacation!


  1. Sweet and cute, but yet simple, ideas. I'll see what I can do in the week ahead. Unfortunately, we have a Winter Carnival at our parish that day and we are all hands on deck as part of the organizing committee. I'll have to try and sneak in some sweetness when I can that day. :)

    ps...have your kids hop on a plane and come on over! We could totally craft them up with lots of Valentine goodies.

  2. I love the idea of the egg in the middle of the heart cut out in the toast! And I know I just saw a heart cookie cutter around here the other day!

  3. Great ideas Colleen! And I'm a fan of St. Valentine's day too because love, duh! :)


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