Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tommy and Tears

The Superbowl was a nail-biter!  The Seahawks played to win, and in the last minute, I thought they were going to do just that.  But then this rookie, Malcolm Butler, saved the day with his interception:

And Tom Brady was all "You saved my behind!!"

And the Patriots won Superbowl 49 - what a game!  There was much celebrating:

Tommy got named MVP:

Which means he got a new truck as a gift:

And then he gave that truck to the rookie with the fantastic play!  Whatta guy!

In other news, did you notice that three of the Superbowl ads were heavy on the father's influence in a kid's life?

Each one brought me to tears...

So great!  It's so nice to see a shift in what's expected from fathers...not just to be physical providers, but to be there for their kids in all ways.  To be invested with their children's happiness.  With so many women needing to take on roles outside the home, I have seen a lot more fathers take on a chunk of the housework and child raising.  And it's such a nice balance for a kid to see - that their parents are a team and do whatever it takes to raise our family.  Again, so great!


  1. I fell asleep (accidentally) at some point during the game! Next year...

  2. I only watch one football game a year, and this was a very entertaining one to watch! I totally agree about your point on dad's doing more now. Our kids see that Kirk and I can both do it all: cleaning, working, changing diapers, teaching, etc. I can't imagine having a marriage with traditional roles.


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