Friday, May 29, 2015

7QT Friday: Shopping for Spring

Well, well, well, it's almost the weekend and the weather is gorgeous, and spring/summer clothes are so cute so here's what I've been eyeing or wearing lately...

I've been trying to accessorize more, and I love the layered/statement necklace look.  This one is so pretty and dainty:

And this Cape Cod bracelet is constantly on my wrist (Phil commented that I wear it more than my wedding ring - oops!):


Old Navy is having a great sale on their tank dresses in store today.  They are only $10!  I have a couple of these dresses, and they are so comfy and easy to throw on, I always wear a cardigan over them because they can be a little revealing, but worth it for the price!


This cute and easy summer dress for Maggie is only $7 in Old Navy stores, along with their other tank dresses.  Also today only!

This one would be great for July 4th! Same great price today :)


I'm wearing these pretty new sandals today.  They look great dressed up or down, but I think they will be my go-to summer church sandals.  So cute!

I also picked up these ones

 I know it sounds like I shop a lot, but I use coupons and sales and gift cards and birthday money...and score great prices.


Declan is wearing this adorable romper today (finally moved up to size 18 months!).  I love love love putting my baby boys in one pieces like this.  They are so easy, their shirt doesn't ride up all day, and they look like put-together little preppies :)


Speaking of rompers, I still want to get up the nerve to wear one.  Look how pretty this one is...

But since I'm not 5'10" and a size zero, that dream will be on hold indefinitely.


How hard is finding some shorts that are modestly long enough for this momma of six? Super hard, but Loft to the rescue!

And the rest are so cute too!

OK, that's enough eye candy, happy shopping!  And happy Friday!


  1. I am drooling over those coral shorts from Loft. Sooo cute!

  2. Love those shoes!!! And when Peter was little I LOVED to put him in those rompers. So cute!!!

  3. Very cute clothes. None of which I could be wearing this year and perhaps not next year either, unless my veins miraculously heal after baby. Or I may have to consider surgery due to the look and the pain in the one leg. Ah, well, for this summer I'll be sporting my belly and fashion sensible beige grandma compression socks. I'll have to post a picture one of these days when I get the guts to show that reality.

    Happy shopping and springwear!

  4. Love rompers on babies! The tank dresses are so cute so perhaps I need to work on toning my arms so I can wear one ;)

  5. LOVE that Cape Cod bracelet! I should pick one up when I visit family in Maine this summer!


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