Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Randomness

Memorial Day parade photos mixed with random thoughts...

Phil: Declan looks so cute!

Me: He looks like he's from 1940.

Declan loves to walk around, but is so so good about staying close to us.  I've never had him run off away from me yet, which is exactly how our first baby was.  The rest of them ran off as soon as their tiny feet hit the pavement.  Andrew could be convinced to follow me only if I promised him I had an M&M, which he pronounced "m-n-m-n-m-n-m-n-m-n-m".

You know what you get when a Dad is totally hands-on involved with the child rearing?  Children who love their fathers.  Endearing.  Excuse me while I go mop my heart up from the puddle on the floor.

Look at all those people in our postage stamp of a front yard!  We had over my parents, two of my sisters and their families, and two of my friends and some of their families.  We are lucky to have such nice friends and family and to live on the parade route.  

Today in the car, Andrew requested to hear "Dear Future Husband" by Megan Trainer (a Cape Cod girl like myself!) and after listening to the words closely, said "Wow, there sure are a lot of rules".  Ummmm yes, girls are demanding and nothing but trouble, so stay away from them ;)

Alexander woke up three times last night and came down whining "Why do I always have to sleep?" and we finally figured out that his room was too cold when Phil felt his icicle feet.  Whoops!  Here's hoping his air conditioner is set perfect for tonight!

Mary, Sarah, and Kristen all had their babies!  This marching band is celebrating you ;)

There have been many, many moments in my motherhood that I have praised the Lord for being a (mostly) boys mom.  Even my one girl has a lot of tomboy in her.  When her girlie side comes out!  I just really, really, really love boys and men.  They are so easy!  Girls and women can be so difficult! (Myself included)

So...about the friends that came over this day... Do you all have a friend in your life who teaches you how to be a better friend?  Mine is Michelle (in the red shirt below).  She is so thoughtful and helpful and gives great advice.  I need to be more like her!  She just gets me, and we have tons in common.  Laura has been my bestie for a long time now, although I don't have a good picture of her from Memorial Day.  She is probably standing behind me saying something funny.  She is the friend who is always available to text or spontaneously go out or make me laugh.  If I'm at an event where Laura is, you can bet I want to be by her side.  OK, enough friend mushiness.

Friendship is something that makes me so happy, but I have limits.  I really prefer to have a few close friends (introvert alert) and they need to understand that I'm always busy.  Like, I'm a really bad friend that way, but I would die for you if it would help you somehow.  Just don't expect me to remember your birthday.  But call me if you need a kidney.

All kids would do anything for a stinkin' tootsie roll or gross Hubba Bubba if it's tossed out of a moving car.  Amiright?

We are beyond blessed to live in America.  Let freedom ring.

These are my sweet parents.  They just celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary, and when I texted to say "Congrats you two love birds!", my mom texted back "You got the love birds part right, thanks be to God!"  To be madly in love after all those years - inspiring!

We had an Open House on Sunday, and five people came.  One was interested in renting.  Ugh.  At least our house is clean and we have a showing scheduled for this coming Sunday.  As they say in Hollywood, bad buzz is better than no buzz.  Maybe they don't say that...but they should!

The police officer, wearing the kilt below, got a picture because I love me a man in a skirt.  I mean kilt, don't shoot me!  

I remember being at my cousin's wedding with lots of relatives from Ireland and Scotland and one of them was wearing a kilt. I asked him if it was true that they wear nothing underneath and he wouldn't tell me, that bugger.  But his wife said believe what they say...nothing underneath!  I guess it's not windy in Scotland?!?!?

How do fire and rescue workers sleep at night?  I can't even watch the news about a fire or accident, and they have to respond to it in real life!  I guess that's why I am an accountant.  Thank God for the men and women who serve us day in and day out.  I salute you!


  1. Im with you on the friends. Less is more!

  2. That Laura is a keeper! I am jealous you get to hang out with her, I miss that girl.

  3. Seriously with you on the friends. I prefer to have fewer friends but deeper relationships.

  4. AnonymousMay 29, 2015

    I'm in Scotland and have a sister-in-law who works as a wedding photographer - she's always having to tell men to keep their legs closer together when sitting down..... and it is very windy here!

  5. Friends, I get ya. I'm more of a less is more gal as well. I just don't have time and I'd rather have the few close ones than a bunch of them. As for the kidney, I'll keep you posted and you can be my go-to bestie! :)
    Looks like family and friend fun last weekend. Praying for the right buyer to find your house very soon.


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