Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life Lately

This past week was pretty busy, and I hate myself for saying that all the time.  As if it will ever be not busy with full-time jobs and six kids and too many sports and school events?  

Get over it already, Colleen.  

Ok, geesh, Colleen, you can be a real meanie sometimes.

Last Tuesday, my niece, Megan, got confirmed, and I was honored to be her sponsor.

It was windy trying to take this picture, and when I told Megan that I was having a Marilyn Monroe moment because my dress kept flying up, she didn't understand the reference.  Am I that old?

It was a beautiful Mass, but so so so hot that I seriously made about three exit plans because I kept thinking I was going to pass out.  But I persevered and fanned myself like the Southern Belle I'm not, and made it through.  Megan chose St. Catharine Drexel as her Confirmation name, and told me she wants to be a Campus Minister when she grow up.

What a sweetheart.

On Friday, the kid's elementary school had a Fine Arts Night.  All their artwork was displayed and grades Kindergarten through 5th sang songs from music class.  I should type "sang" songs because my 4th grader was most certainly just mouthing the words while my 1st grader was screaming-singing at the top of her lungs.  So funny!  

And exactly none of my big kids won any arts awards - blame their mammary genes for that one.

On Saturday, Eamon & Maggie played lacrosse in the morning while I walked with the two littles in the double jogger, and Phil helped my dad bring junk to the dump.  

The town where they play lacrosse is so beautiful, and I'll take any chance to run or walk there.

Gorgeous, right?

In the afternoon, JP and Andrew had fall soccer tryouts.  Andrew's hopeful coach told him to play really poorly at tryouts so that he could pick him for his team.  Since his team had won last year, he had last draft pick this year.  So Andrew was kicking with the wrong foot and being so silly.  I hope it worked, because this coach has a team of his classmates and goes to our church.  We'll find out in a few weeks if they made the teams.  I can't believe JP was trying out for U15...when did he get so old?

Sunday was our anniversary, and Phil woke up with a sore throat.  Since a few of us had strep recently, he went to the minute clinic at CVS and got tested.  Ding, ding, ding: positive!  He also brought Declan to the doctor because he's been sick since Thursday, and he got started on antibiotics too.  Ugh.  Today, Andrew tested positive too - we just love to share ;)

The surprise date Phil had planned turned into pizza at home, it reminds me of Phil Vassar's song "Just Another Day in Paradise".

On Sunday, we also had the Catholic Schools Track Meet against all the Catholic elementary schools in the area (we are so lucky to have so many!).  It was supposed to run (ha, I said run) from 12-3 but actually lasted until 5!!  My red forehead and nose wish they had a little more coverage - ouch!  Only JP and Andrew were old enough to participate in the track meet, and they did so well.  Their whole team did really well, actually!  What a nice group of hard-working kids. 

Andrew won 1st place in all of the events he ran.  His times were: 200 m in 33 seconds, Half Mile in 2:57, and 4 x 400 relay where he was the anchor.  He's crazy fast, but doesn't love running...yet...we're trying to change that!

JP's trophy was from running anchor on his winning 4 x 400 relay.  He also got a personal record in the Mile with a time of 6:44!!  Not bad for a 12 year old who never trains because he always gets a cramp or hurts an ankle right before he's supposed to run.  Suspicious?  You betcha!

And that's all she wrote because she's the Angela Lansbury of the blogging world.  Even I barely understand that reference...time for bed!


  1. The fun! The realities of craziness in the every day. I love to be all nosey and up in your business, so thank you for keeping us posted. :) Sorry for the strep ickiness for you guys. blah. Happy belated Anniversary you two cutie pies! I was absent from Insta due to phone issues (techy issues be danged!!), so I missed anything you posted.

    Keep on, Angela Lansbury! Or Marilyn Monroe. Whichever you prefer. hehe...

  2. Happy anniversary!!! You will have to have a date when I come home! (if you want). Praying for you all- keep it up Mama Colleen- your doing great! <3~Haley


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