Friday, May 22, 2015

7QT: That's What He Said

It's FRIDAY!!  Joining Kelly and the other quick takers with seven Xander quotables...

Always eating.  Always dirty.


Helping me with the laundry...

Xander: Which one is the dryer?

Me: That one.

Xander: So that's the dryer...and that's the...wetter?


In the car with Phil...

Xander: Can you put on Mom's song?

Phil: What's Mom's song?

Xander: (singing) Ba ba ba ba ba bass.  Ba ba bass.


Practicing everybody in the family's full names...

Me: And what's my name?

Xander: Mommy

Me: But what's my real name?

Xander: Mommy Martin

Me: Well...what's my whole name that adults call me?

Xander: Mommy Philip Martin.


Counting down to his birthday...

Xander: My birthday is in 2 months!

Me: That's right!

Xander: So it's tomorrow then?


At Mass, rifling through the diaper bag behind my back:

Xander: What's this thing?

Me: (ignoring him)

Xander: Mom, what's this thingie here?

Me: Shhhhh

Xander: Look Mom, what's this? (shoves feminine product in my face)

Me: (bright red and desperately shoving it back into diaper bag) That's a lady thing.

Xander: And you're my best lady!


Discussing the characters in Thomas the Train...

Me: (joking) And the girl one is Thomas?

Xander: NO!!  Thomas is the cheeky one!


After I told him he wasn't allowed to wear his crocs to school...

Xander: But can I at least wear some handles?


  1. That kid is hilarious! Awesome, awesome.

  2. "The wetter." He's brilliant! Of course it's the wetter!

  3. Love these! I can just see your red face at Church.

  4. Those are all great! I liked #3 the best. =)

  5. LOLing loudly here. You're killing me Xander!!
    Feminine products being discovered at Mass or any other embarrassing place by the toddlers = worst.fear.
    And Mommy Philip Martin, now that's cute.

    Happy Weekend and good luck with the Open House (I think it's tomorrow??)!

  6. Hahaha! This is the funniest age! Taylor asks EVERY DAY when her birthday is. And when I tell her not for another month, she says "UGH! It's taking years!"


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