Friday, September 11, 2015

7QT Friday (with a Sweet Winner)


Like my new header?  You would not believe how long that took me to design.  Sometimes I'm like a dinosaur when it comes to technology...roar.


Yesterday, two of my friends had their babies!  One boy and one girl, and  I'm thinking these two could be a match made in Heaven :)  I would post their photos but I haven't asked for permission yet and I think I'd rather let the mamas recover instead of field texts with blogging questions.


Speaking of pregnancy, I found a wicked comfy dress that hides my mummy-tummy really well and thought I'd share.  If you don't know what a mummy-tummy is or don't have one after giving birth, then we're not friends anymore ;)  Use code "Sale20" for an extra 20% off the sale price!  

Also, these pants are really flattering.  I order mine in the Tall size so they fit like regular pants and not above my ankle.  Use the promo code "Good" for an extra 30% off.


This heat and humidity have been so bad.  I haven't been running at all lately but I am sweating so much that I constantly look like I just came from the gym.


Then my fat is super sad lately.  Come on Fall weather!!  But I just made myself commit to doing Jillian's 30 day Shred for 30 actual days in a row.  I don't think I can ever do a Whole 30 diet but I can exercise for 30 days straight, God willing!  Plus the workout is super short and just what I need to jump start my mojo that got lost when I let my gym membership go.


Soccer season is going well.  I must admit that I am totally looking forward to next year when our 5 players will be on 3 teams total instead of 5 teams.  That will feel like a cinch!


We celebrated the September birthdays on my side of the family last weekend, and I was in charge of the cakes.  I ordered Cupcake Cakes from the bakery at Walmart, and the girl cake was so pretty:

But the boy cake was a little more scandalous:

All the adults noticed, but none of the kids, thank goodness :)


The winner of the Happy Valley Honey is...

Amelia from One Catholic Mama!

Have a winning-after-everybody-thinks-you-are-cheaters kind of weekend everybody!

Boo. Yah.


  1. That sperm cake is hilarious. Ps love the header

  2. Love the new header. So adorable. Is that an Irish dancing dress on Maggie? Too cute.

  3. Congrats to Amelia! And the Pats rocked it last night!

  4. Love the new header!! So cute! I don't think I could get through a whole30 either (I love me some bread!) but I did just sign up for a 21 day fix.
    Any soccer mom advice for this newbie? Grace is just starting fall soccer, so we're going to be spending lots of mornings out at the fields for games!

  5. I put my 3 and 5 yr old on the same team this season just so my life would be made exponentially easier. I feel slightly bad for the 3 yr old since it is not her age group technically but then I think about my sanity and realize it was the best decision!

  6. I love the dress and pants that you posted! That boy cake is too much!

  7. I love your header also, it is fantastic!

  8. You designed that header yourself?! Super impressed, even if it took 70 hours ;) also, dying laughing over that cake... At least your design skillz outmatch the Walmart bakery girl's ;)

  9. Oooo....I won! Yay!!

    That cake is too funny!! Oh my need to send it into Cake Wrecks!

    love the new header!


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