Friday, September 25, 2015



Can we just breathe in that crisp fall air and say a prayer of thanksgiving for this beautiful weather?  Ahhhhhhh and Amen.  I baked apple crisp using this recipe (the best in my tastebuds' opinion) but I omit the orange juice and zest and just use lemon.  I'm not a big fan of orange flavor, sorry Ina!


I've finally re-discovered my exercise mojo (it's the cool weather) just as I pulled something in the back of my knee which makes it impossible to run.  Of course.  It's tough to get old.  Here's something somewhat related that is cracking me up today:


I've been making all my put-off-indefinitely-because-i-don't-wanna-go appointments lately.  I've had a root canal, a crown (just call me Queen Colleen) and coming up a haircut (I'm going short inverted bob - eek!) and a dermatology skin check. I haven't had a full skin check since age 12 and considering all my 5 siblings have had moles removed, I'm pretty confident they will find something.  Darn you spotty Irish skin!  But as Phil says, it's better to catch something early.  Don't worry, I'll be making his future colonoscopy appointments with a smile on my face.


Andrew had to make a model of a cell for science class, and we came up with this:

Thank you, internet.  Nailed it.


Pope-a-palooza this week!  I've been watching the live streaming of the big events here, and my biggest takeaway is that Pope Francis looks tired and I can barely understand him.  I need to read the transcripts of what he has said to get a better picture. 

Smile because you're a world leader.  Laugh because there's nothing you can do about it.

 I do like to see him smile :)

Awkward since I'm wearing white pants today.  Maybe I can say I'm showing my Pope support??


Declan hides in our trees just to scare us on the daily.  He seriously runs over there, just stops and stands still and makes no noise.  Even when we call his name and try to get him to break out, he stays still.  

I see a future Swiss guard in the making.  If he was only Swiss.  And didn't smile so much.  Speaking of Swiss Guards, I liked this article about a former Vatican Swiss Guard. (How sweet is the part about Pope Saint JP with him on Christmas Eve?  Swoon!)


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Go visit Kelly for better Quick Takes as she stalks the Pope this week ;)


  1. Lol, love those memes and you're right - he's got the best smile! He's just so adorable! Love you Papa Francis!

  2. I totally disagree on the white after Labor Day...white shoes maybe not, but anything else is fair game!

  3. You really do have to work to understand him, but I figure we give him the credit since he's doing his (almost) first speeches en anglais, right?

  4. It was great having the Pope in DC, lots of comments about his difficult to understand speech, but the content was great.

  5. #1: Totes jelly of your lovely fall air because it's 100F here in southern California.

    #5: English isn't one of his good languages so his is pretty accented. I've had to read transcripts as I can't watch anything live (no TV and no Internet access at a proper time) and what I've read has been FABULOUS.

  6. I'm with you on the fall weather! I will take it in huge doses and pretend that the crappy winter season isn't what follows the fall bliss.

    Is it weird that I can kind of understand Pope Francis better than I thought? His English must have a Minnesota accent. LOL!! We are totally gushin' on the Pope over here during his visit. Since I am pumping 6x a day and get to actually turn on the tv during that time, I've gotten to hear and see him quite a bit which is kind of fun. #popenerd

    Declan, you stinker! It totally freaks this mama out when they do stuff like that. Crazy little people! But Declan's grin and cuteness is just.too.precious.

    Can't wait to see the new hairdo, queen Colleen!!


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