Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Divinely Nine and I'm Glad You're Mine

Oh my sweet Eamon, don't ever change.  You are such a light of hope in my world.  This Saturday, you turned nine, and were counting down the days with such delight.  

Your cousin Tommy slept over and on the morning of your birthday, I ran out to pick up some New York bagels because you are a bagel's #1 fan.  Then we went to daily Mass so that, per your request, you could alter serve on your birthday.  Swoon.

A Nerf football from Gammy & Grandpa
Throughout the day, we opened a few presents and cards, had friends coming and going, and you got a No Chore Pass which you relished.

Maggie made you such a nice card, and though you don't appreciate it right now as much as you should, I think you will in the future.

What has always set you apart from the rest of us is your deep holiness.  You desire to be a priest, and think about the world differently than I do.  For example, there was the time you came home from school telling me you had prayed the Rosary at the grotto that day, with a few of your classmates and a teacher.  But then the teacher left and a new one came as the kids were still praying.  I asked you if any of the kids started fooling around, and you looked at me with such shock and told me that of course nobody fooled around, you were all praying the Rosary.  It was as if you didn't understand how that thought would even enter my mind.  You would never fool around while praying, and often gently reprimand your little brother when he does, "praying is talking to God, and we have to talk nicely".  Heart melted.  

Your birthday meal request was spaghetti and meatballs (a slight deviation from prior years meatloaf) and a chocolate cake with oreo frosting.

You are always the first to pray grace before you eat, and I can guarantee if I see a scapular on the bathroom counter, it's not yours because yours is always around your neck.

Of course, you are still 100% boy and love to get dirty and fight and play any sport.  When Grandpa asked you which sport was your favorite, you said "Whatever's in season".  Haha!  

Dad made you a special binder to hold your football cards - it's a Redskins vs. Patriots game photo
Football Cards, you are so into these.
You are quick to tears when your feelings are hurt, and can also scream like you're being murdered when you get angry.  It's that good old Gaelic/Garlic heritage :)  We love you so much and can't wait to see how your last year in the single digits plays out.  

Adidas Basketball shoes, which Andrew claimed as the coolest he's ever seen.
Patriots shirt from your mama, of course.
Pokemon game for the DS, I don't understand but you wanted it bad.
On Sunday, you asked to play keeper in your soccer game because you knew you could defend the ball from the other team's #1 player, your school mate.  You said you stopped his attempts all the time at school, and so the coach put you in, and you played awesome!  The first ball that came flying towards the goal was so high that you jumped and were just barely able to tip it with your fingers as they scored.  You looked defeated, but the coach yelled out "Nice job Eamon, there was nothing more you could do about that one!" and I saw you smile but I also saw you shake your hand a few times, as if in pain.  I called over to you asking if you were ok, and you said "Yup!"  It wasn't until you finished playing the whole game that you told me your finger hurt, and I saw the swollen purple digit and we got you ice and advil right away.  You barely complained about the pain, so we figured it was just injured but then it started looking worse on Monday and your Aunt who is also the school nurse, suggested we take you in to get x-rays.  So we did, and yuppers, broken.  You are the first in our family to have a broken bone.

Showing me his finger, not to be confused with giving it to me.  Also, new haircut from his favorite barbaretta ;)  

You were so brave and I never saw a tear until the doctor told you there would be no gym class or soccer for a while.  That's the worse punishment you could have!  I don't know how you're going to sit still for that long, maybe you'll finally gain some weight ;)  When we were driving home, you got tears in your eyes for the second time as you asked me if you could still altar serve.  Could I possibly love you and your heavenly devotion any more?  Then the next question was to ask if you could still learn the Whip Nae Nae in gym class next week with a broken finger.  Brought me right back to reality :)  But that's you in a nutshell...in the world but not of the world.

Grandpa playing the comb and getting rave reviews from Declan.

Happy Birthday to our sweet meatball. 


  1. What a sweet guy! Happy birthday, Eamon!

  2. What a precious boy! I loved hearing all about him. Happy Birthday.

  3. I love that he wanted to altar serve on his birthday. I can't wait to see if he becomes a priest.

  4. What a sweet spirit Eamon has. I cannot believe he's nine. I am so glad he had a wonderful birthday. What a champion to play through a broken finger!

  5. He really is just the sweetest thing, isn't he? I couldn't imagine having the desire to be a priest or religious at such a young age. It must be a true calling from God. He's lucky to have found God's will for his life so early. I think about him wanting to be a priest every time Peter says, "I could NEVER be a priest!" And trust me, he says it often! He realizes what a huge job it is and how hard it is.

    Happy Birthday, Eamon and God bless you!

  6. happy birthday eamon! enjoy your last year of single digits!

  7. What a sweet boy! Happy birthday to your Eamon!!!


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