Friday, October 16, 2015

{7QT} Leggings, Freckles, Birthdays, and a Future Saint

Joining up with Kelly for 7 Quick Takes, and away we gooooooo...

The floors are done!  They look beautiful!  I am waiting for curtains and pillows to arrive to give a finished picture of the room, but here are the floors in all their glory.


White Plum sent me the softest and cutest pair of leggings to try, and I love them!  I honestly need to go buy more pairs.  Ana just reviewed these same leggings (we picked the same print - twinning!) and she was right, they are as soft as buttah.  I was making everybody feel them which is not not weird at all.  You can get 20% off a pair by using code MF20 until 10/20/15, so chop chop!

Also not not weird - taking photos like these in the church parking lot.

How Not to Model Tip #1:
When you put your hands in the pockets of a dress and stretch it out from side to side, it makes you look very, very wide.

How Not to Model Tip #2:
Do not look at the camera at all.

How Not to Model Tip #3:
Have your husband to take the photos, telling him all the while "Make sure you get the leggings in the shot!" to which he hears "Make sure you cut out my face!"


I went to the dermatologist this week, and had a full body check, but it wasn't as bad as I had been dreading.  Apparently I don't have too many moles, just lots and lots of freckles.  

I did have two questionable moles - one is just being observed (measured, photographed, will mark any changes) and the other was biopsied to check for cancer.  Of course, in my need to learn humility, that mole was on my tookus.  Of all the places!  I'm still waiting for the results of the biopsy, so a small prayer would be appreciated, but I'm not too nervous.


Phil turned 35!  

35 is the new 25.

Oh wait, six kids means you are definitely not 25 anymore - sorry honey.

So I've wanted to buy a spiralizer for a while, and figured giving it to Phil for a birthday present could justify the expense.  We all laughed and laughed when he opened it, because what man doesn't want a kitchen tool to make zucchini noodles?

Then I got him some boring pants for work (they are the only kind he likes!)

Then I gave him a book that I forgot I had already given him in the past.  Whoops!

Declan was shocked at my poor gift-giving abilities.

But Xander was very happy with this movie gift!

That's me!  The Hulk!!!!!!!!!

As were all the other boys :)


Sophia Press sent over this book about Chiara Corbello Petrillo, whom I had just recently heard about from my friend who was thinking of girl names for her unborn baby.  

She's a Katie Holmes look-a-like, don'tchathink?
She has an amazing story of joyful suffering, and I can't wait to read it all.  The forward alone, written by her husband is incredibly moving.  She will most likely be canonized, a saint for our modern times.  

People are comparing her to St. Gianna, and I'm wondering why God is allowing this new "crop" of saints it to teach us to be better mothers, more pro-life, more open to life, more joyful in our vocation?  Is He telling us that He holds mother's hearts with special tender care, especially those hearts that have ached over losing a child?  I think Our Lady must be heavily interceding for saints like these, as she knows best what it's like to lose a child.  I have a lot to learn and meditate on from these shining examples.


Just a random car photo of all of my boys, some more hidden than others.


And last but not least, today's Link-toberfest question is "Who is your Favorite Blogger that you discovered through Quick Takes?"  My answer - Jen Fulwiler.  I was reading blogs and kept seeing this 7QT thing pop up, and it led back to her blog (as original hostess).  From there of course there were links of so many great blogs that I've been following for years!

Have a great weekend everybody!!


  1. Your floors are stunning. Our whole house is hardwood and I LOVE it.
    I just discovered the leggings and tunic style. I'm thinking it's gonna get me past this postpartum time, and I am happy for it.
    Happy Birthday Phil.
    I think you are really right regarding the new crop of saints, and with the first married couple being's something to ponder.I love our Church.
    That is all

  2. Awesome leggings, I'd say your awareness makes you a superb model. Thanks for the promo code.

  3. My husband and I don't ever exchange gifts...perhaps you and your husband need to consider this!

    HAHAHAHAHA! Only kidding but I feel very sorry for Phil because the gift of a spiralizer means he's going to have to eat zucchini with pasta sauce on it and pretend he loves it. :)

    Your floors are gorgeous, by the way!

  4. So much better than the pink carpet! I can't wait to see the final product.

  5. The leggings! Super cute (on you, not sure I can rock leggings)! The photo tips were priceless though. ;) The floors look amazing and I cannot wait to see it all pulled together with photos. Yay!
    Declan, killing me with the sweetness. Oh my lawdy! And Phil, please tell the man to stop getting younger looking. It's pathetic really. lol. Happy belated birthday to your hubs! October bdays are the BEST.
    I really need to read Chiara's story since I know nothing about her, but she's suddenly popping up everywhere. The book sounds interesting. I wonder if Laura D is the friend considering that name? I could totally see that as a great name for her daughter.
    We were so giddy when we read more on Zelie Martin several months ago and fell in love with her. Zelie even became our girl name had Benny been a girl. Tomorrow's a big day for Martins everywhere with that canonization! :) I hope your family is gonna celebrate.

  6. Your floors look great!! I really like those leggings!


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