Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Writing About Nothing is What I Do Best

I'm in the mood for love writing,  simply because you're near me reading. 

Last night, Maggie climbed into bed with us at some point due to a bad dream.  She climbs her way in, gets hugs and reassurance that it was just a dream, reminders to pray to her guardian angel whom is always with her, and then she heads back up to bed.  This girl dreams a lot.  They are not always nightmares but she gets a little nervous before bed that they will be.  We used to spray some Febreeze on her bed and called it "Good Dream Spray" and that would help her drift off.  She's outgrown that, just as Xander's grown into it, except he calls it "Goodnight Good Dream Spray" and if you forget to spray it, he will hunt you down until you remember.  My oldest three boys never had issues with bad dreams, so I don't know why Maggie and Xander are different.  Kids are interesting.

So I'm on Day 3 of THM and I already messed up yesterday.  Dinner was sirloin tips with mushrooms and a cream sauce over broccoli.  I made it and took a bite of the tips and remembered I hate steak.  So I just ate the mushrooms and broccoli.  But I was still hangry and headachey so I fried up two eggs and toasted a piece of Ezekiel bread (which is suprisingly good!) and felt better.  Then I realized I wasn't supposed to eat whole eggs with Ezekiel bread - it's either whole eggs with no grains or egg whites with healthy grains.  I felt so bad afterwards about mistakenly "cheating" on my diet and then Phil reminded me that eating two eggs with sprouted grain bread is not "cheating" on anything, ain't nobody got fat eating that!  It's nice to have a voice of reason talking over all my crazy ones.  Marriage, it's good for ya.  And I gave in and ordered the cookbook so I can meal plan better.

Speaking of plans, we are in the midst of having our family room and toy room floors redone.  We had gross mauve carpet in these rooms, as evidenced here: 

Phil and the big boys (mostly Phil, obviously) donned masks (fun!) and ripped up the rugs and nails/tacks/whatever and threw the rug in pieces out the window.  That was the other fun part for the boys!  Now we have the floor guy at our house making those hardwoods look like new again.  I wish I took a picture of the floors before, they were u-g-l-y, all different shades of grossness.  Here are the floors after one day of work:

Now they are getting shined up and I will take a photo of the completed job.  I don't know why people cover up real hardwood floors with wall-to-wall carpet anyway.  What a waste! I can't wait to have our family room, dining room and living room all live-able again.  We have furniture and toys and books crammed everywhere and are basically living in our kitchen and bedrooms until it's over.  Phil and I have decided this home renovation thing is not for us.  One of us doesn't like manual labor and one of us can't do it all himself.  Watching HGTV and re-enacting it are two very different things!  I don't know how Chip & Joanna stay happily married.  I think we will be outsourcing the jobs as we can afford to and call it helping the economy.

My job that I do like has been shopping for area rugs, curtains, pillows and a new entertainment center.  I've got the rugs (this one and this one which are not my typical style, but I want some pops of color in the room!) and the entertainment center (similar).  I'm going to wait for the rugs to go in to pick out the curtains and pillows so that they match.  It should feel like a new room!

Up next will be Maggie's bedroom and then the kitchen reno and if both of those happen before the spring I'll call it a success.  And that's a wrap from my neck of the woods, hope you are all well too!


  1. I love your rug choices! I can't wait to see the finished look, I hope that you fall in love with your home again. I ordered the trim healthy mama book and it is so confusing to me. I feel like you have to get the cookbook to make it work. I am going to Costco today to get some of the supplies.

  2. That diet sounds very confusing. Hopefully the cook book will help. And Phil is right - ain't nobody getting fat on that!

    The floors look great without even being polished! And oh how I love me some Chip and Joanna!


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