Friday, December 4, 2015

7QT: Martin Family Music Favorites

We listened to a lot of music on our 16 hour road trip over Thanksgiving.  I was like a DJ, fielding requests from the van load of kids, and it was fun for a while but man that gig doesn't pay enough ;)  Here are some we played on repeat...


Gosh I love me some Andy Grammer!

(He does say the s-word in the opening lines.  And it's not "stupid", you've been warned.)


And my husband loves him some Matt Maher!


I must say, he's converted me to this type of Christian music.  He's pretty awesome.  When the kids are driving us crazy, we blast this song and sing at the top of our lungs.  I think I do a pretty good rendition, because ain't nobody needs the Lord like a Mom in a van full of loud kids!



This one has a great car-bopping beat.


My kids love Feel It, and I love that they listen to wholesome music like their mother father.


And they're still whipping and bopping around the house.  It proved more difficult in the car, but they made it work.  Even the baby can do a mean stanky leg.

7) Last but not least, this one always makes me thankful for the precious gifts in my life.

And on that note (pun completely intended) have a great music-listening, bee-bopping, singing-in-the-shower kind of weekend everybody!!

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  1. Have you seen the video of him singing it during Adoration at WYD in Rio? I'm Protestant and it even brings *ME* to tears:

  2. This sounds like a hopping road trip. I always start singing "Lord, I need you" when I am overwhelmed. Its involuntary at this point. Great list!


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