Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Margaret the 8th

My one and only Maggie Rose turned eight yesterday!  She actually has always seemed older than her age to me, so I have to remind myself she's still a little kid sometimes!   Just look at those paws ;)

"I want to get in the middle of the kissy part!" 

She is such a love bug and dreams of getting married and having babies.  "I want to be a mom and a baker and a soccer player.  Maybe I can be a soccer player who bakes when I'm at home with my kids!  Do you think I can do that?" Yes, yes I do.

In the morning, I gave her a jacket and shoes and then we swung by Dunkin Donuts on the way to school to get a donut for breakfast (chocolate frosted with sprinkles, of course) and some munchkins to share with the class.  

We celebrated at Nana & Gramps' house while we were visiting for Thanksgiving.
She said there were not enough munchkins to go around (I bought 50 for a class of 23 kids, so ???) so she gave hers to two kids who didn't get any, and then one of her friends got up and shared with her.  Such good hearted kiddos!

The original Maggie (my mom) with my Maggie and Grandpa and Xander :)
For dinner we had tacos, her favorite, followed by ice cream (homemade cotton candy from a local shop) sundaes.  The girl knows how to eat, she inherited more than just my blond hair :)

She then got to open presents!  Gammy and Grandpa brought an American Girl gift card (she's saving up for Maryellen)!

She was super excited!  The presents kept on flowing...

A cute lace topped tunic and soft fleece leggings that were quickly opened and pushed aside for the real gifts ;)

"Mom, I am a huge fan of Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd.  Huge fan." So we bought her The Kicks books series, written by Alex Morgan about a girl's soccer team.  She opened it and said "Ooooh, I love it!"

Then "What is it?"

We all laughed, and then this...

Well, it's her party and she'll cry if she wants to.  Cry if she wants to.  Cry if she wants to. 

(You would cry too if it happened to you.)

Where were we?  Ah yes, more presents.  When she got her ears pierced last weekend, she saw Cinder and fell in love, so I secretively bought it when she wasn't looking.

Likewise, at the school's Vendor Fair, she spotted a handmade sleeping bag for her Bitty Baby and I was able to buy it without her noticing.  

Just call me Secret Santa.

Last but not least, we gave our little principessa a princess movie.  If you haven't seen this version of Cinderella (only $7.99!!) yet, it's an absolute must-see.

And in the blink of an eye, it was over, just like the past 8 years.  Much as you came into this world in a hurry, breaking laws and hospital rules, you continue to keep us on our toes with your impulsive behavior and quick wit.  You are a tender hearted soul who makes us thankful for the gift of pink amongst a sea of blue.  We love you, Maggie Moo.


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. We got an American Girl magazine the other day and my daughter pointed out Maryellen saying, "Hey, here's the doll the Martin Family Moments girl wants." I love all of your thoughtful gift ideas.
    Blessings to Maggie for a great year!

  2. Happy Birthday to your bundle of pink!

  3. Happy birthday to Maggie! Looks like a great celebration of her!

  4. Such a sweet post Colleen! I love buying our kids gifts when they are not looking. I just read her birth story, talk about crazy! I cannot even imagine things going that quickly.

  5. Aww happy birthday to Maggie! She'll appreciate and love her Anerican Girl doll more because saved and bought it herself too. Good plan mom!

  6. Happy Birthday to her!!

  7. Oh my goodness, her hospital pic!!! She is just the sweetest! Happy Belated, Maggie!

  8. Awe! Happy (belated) birthday blessings to your sweet girl! The tears...oh about tugging at my own heart strings.

  9. Happy Birthday Maggie! Merry Christmas Martin Family!!


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