Friday, July 22, 2016

7QT: Summer Camp Ideas

Phil's in the middle of his three week summer camp, and he's been doing some really neat crafts with the kids that I thought might be fun to share.  If anyone is stuck at home this summer with bored (and hungry!  always hungry!) kids, here's some ideas to liven things up.



This seemed to be the favorite activity so far.  The directions are here.


Superhero Capes

I never would have thought to use cheap disposable tablecloths for this, but they worked out great!  Directions here.  This project can take up a lot of time (if that's your objective) because you can have the kids come up with a superhero, write down their superpowers, design their costume and then create it.  Fun!


Bubblewrap Dance Party

Phil hasn't done this activity yet, but he bought bubblewrap to tape to the floor and have kids play freeze dance on top of it.  When the music stops, whoever pops is out.  He also is going to tape sections of the bubble wrap to the floor and have contests to see which group can pop all their bubbles first.


Sun Art

Phil made us 7 little shamrocks :)

Using this special paper, you can let the sun make designs from objects in nature (or any objects) that you place underneath.


Making Homemade Ice Cream

Using directions like these, but in empty protein powder containers (we love our protein shakes!) the kids made actual ice cream yesterday and said it was great!


Sponge Balls

He tries to take the kids out for water play a lot, and though he's a HUGE fan of these water balloons, this year he also tried making sponge balls and they turned out great because you can keep using them after all the balloons have popped.


Spaghetti & Marshmallow Towers

This is a really cheap activity.  You can do it in groups or individually and judge it in any way you'd like - most creative, tallest, longest, etc.

And a bonus, here's some:

Silly Songs that Get Stuck in Your Head

The kids are loving these videos to dance and sing to at the end of everyday:

Have a dance-filled, craft-filled, anti-boring kind of weekend everybody!  Linking up with Kelly as one does on Fridays :)


  1. Thanks for the ideas...I may be able to use a couple with my school kids!
    Pop see ko: I tried to get a student with autism to pop see ko for me last year, but she never would! It was a big hit with the kinders in one of my schools!

  2. That's a bunch of great ideas! I have fond memories of making flubber with my kids.

  3. You should frame the shamrock picture. That is really sweet.

  4. What fun! Thanks for sharing!


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