Thursday, September 22, 2016

Exercise: Before and After


I'm so tired

This house is a mess

The baby is so fussy

I just yelled at Declan for accidentally spilling my coffee

I'm a horrible mother

Time to change a poopy diaper

I really need to clean these walls

Kids are so rough on a house

I wish I had a housecleaner

And a nanny

And a cook

And a chauffeur

Being at home can be so lonely

But I don't want to be social either

I have to plan for the Baptism party...and shop...and bake...and clean

So much to do, no energy to do it

None of my clothes fit, guess it's maternity shorts yet again

How many poopy diapers can one baby make?

It's not even 9 am yet??

Help me Jesus!

Force myself to get dressed and ready for a walk.  Put Declan in stroller with some snacks and strap on Brendan in the carrier and head out.


What a beautiful sunny day

I am so lucky to live in a nice and safe area

God created this world so beautifully

Declan is such a good boy in the stroller

Brendan is napping

All of my kids are healthy

My body is amazing...all these babies and I am strong and healthy

I should make the family a nice dinner tonight

I love my husband and kids so much

I am blessed beyond belief

It'll be nice to see everyone at the Baptism

Who cares what I wear?  It's not about me anyway, my baby is receiving a Sacrament!

I'm going to make myself a nutritious lunch today

And sit down and enjoy it

Wow its already lunch time!

Today has been awesome

I bet I can tidy up this house in 20 minutes, I'll do at the next nap time.  No big deal.

I have everything I need

I have everything I want

Thank you Jesus for this life

Exercise: Turning this mom's bad mood into a good attitude since 2002.


  1. Nothing like a nice long walk with the babies on a beautiful fall day to put everything into perspective!

  2. It is so true. I am dying because I hurt myself and can't exercise right now. Been super rough on my mood.

  3. AMEN! I was just having this same conversation with hubby last night. Physically, I am at my lowest weight and physically fit to feel super comfortable, so there's the tendency to feel like I don't NEED to exercise. I put that physical part aside though and I know that mentally even a 20 min quick workout does wonders for me. I at least feel like I accomplished something and made some time for self care which currently I stink at doing in any other areas for myself.
    I must also say I have you to thank for it. All these years following and reading from you has never failed to inspire me. Thank you. :) Feeling physically and mentally well is hard work, but a great accomplishment.

  4. Funny and true! I love that we both make exercising a priority

  5. Amen to this! This is TOTALLY Me! :)


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