Saturday, February 24, 2018

February Break, The Kids Version

 February Break 2018 was a good one!  I worked only one day, and we tried to do something fun with the kids each day to make the most of our staycation.  We had originally planned on going up to New Hampshire for a few days, but the trip got cancelled because of sick/injured family members and I admit I always feel a bit guilty that my kids don't go on real vacations.  But they have parents who love them!  Lots of siblings!  Etc. etc. etc.  Onward and upward...

Phil made this bacon and spinach fritatta for breakfast one morning, and I thought it was pretty:

The littles got matching clearance outfits, and I reminisced about the days I used to dress the older kids up all matchy-matchy:

Shirts and Pants (mismatched footwear not included!)
Every time I take out my camera, Brendan (age 18 months) runs to this spot in the kitchen and says Cheese!  He is well-trained :)

Maggie finally got to use her ice skates she got for Christmas!  She's been skating, but we kept having to rent because we never remembered to get her skates sharpened until we wanted to leave for skating.  And do you think the ice skating rinks have a place to sharpen them?  Nope!  That would make too much sense!  I made her get back on the ice after hours of skating because I had forgotten to get a photo, hence the tired ankles and fake smile:

We took the youngest four kids to the zoo while JP slept in (his favorite part of vacation) and Andrew and Eamon shot hoops at the nearby court.  The zoo was really fun that day because there was a zookeeper at the elephants, and I got to ask him tons of elephant-related questions (the elephants there weigh almost 8000 pounds!) and we saw the cougars being fed too!  The little boys loved that we splurged for the train ride:

Phil took the older boys to see The Black Panther:

 And I took the younger set to see Peter Rabbit (it was Declan's first time in a movie theater!):

We went to the playground quite a few times (had some nice warm days!), swam at the YMCA with the water slide, went to the library and morning Mass, set up individual friend time for the older kids, and had a cousin sleepover!  Once the kids' fun-cups were filled, Phil and I managed to sneak away for an overnight that had been cancelled back in January....stay tuned.

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