Friday, November 15, 2019

Beautiful Newport, RI

Last summer, Phil and I made plans to meet with friends on "The Lawn" of the Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island.  It's a gorgeous place overlooking the ocean, where they serve drinks and appetizers to those sitting on the Adirondack chairs outside on the lawn.  We were so excited to spend some time there, but as we approached the parking lot, they were turning cars away because they were over capacity.  Boo.  We vowed we would go back some day.  Then this guy turned 39 in October, and we started planning a birthday getaway...but with kids sports schedules, work, NFP timing, and making sure someone could watch the didn't end up working out until this past weekend!  Better late than never!

Newport was on the last day of their Restaurant Week, where lots of restaurants serve three course meals at a reduced price.  We took advantage and headed to The Safari Room for lunch.  Again, the restaurant was in an inn right on the water, just beautiful.  Phil and I both had the french onion soup and then he had a roast beef sandwich, and I had the fish and chips.

We walked around the grounds after lunch, and then headed over to Newport Vineyards, which was sooooooo crowded on the holiday weekend.  We did a little wine tasting, where I realized that I am the opposite of a wine snob, but I also don't really enjoy wine.  I don't like beer either.  How am I 100% Irish?

From the vineyards, we did a little sightseeing around town...

We bought the kids some cotton candy (and later, fudge) to bring home.

We checked into the Beech Tree Inn, got changed and headed over to dinner early, so that we could see the sunset.

We chose to eat at the dining room of Castle Hill, since that was the place we were turned away from last summer.  We had reservations at 6, but got there around 4:30 and walked around, and met another couple who would not stop talking to us.  They were obviously very well off, and were interesting to listen to, even though it was totally a one-sided conversation.

I ordered the mussels for my appetizer, and Phil had the pork belly.  When we were seated, the hostess asked if we wanted "Sparkling Water, Still Water, or Locally Filtered Water"?  I was thrown off by all the water choices.  Can I just have water please???  Phil said "Still Water", and I said me too.  In the end, we found out that still water cost $7.50.  What the what?

The service was over-the-top.  Everyone that came to wait on us called us "Mr. and Mrs. Martin", gave us history on the inn, asked us how each bite was, etc.  We aren't used to so much attention while dining, and it's almost too much for us simple folk.  But we can enjoy it every once in a while!  

For our entrees, Phil chose the filet mignon and I had the salmon.  Can you tell that he's turf and I'm surf?  But that's why we're good together :)  The entrees were amazing.

There was a small course between each course as well, an "amuse bouche" and then an "intermezzo".  For dessert, Phil chose the ice cream bar, and I had the apple cake, which was, sadly, meh.  They brought him out a little cake to celebrate his birthday as well.  Very sweet.  When the meal was over, I had to use the restroom, and managed to walk out of the fancy place with a piece of toilet paper stuck to my heel.  So yeah, you can't take me anywhere.

We drove back to the inn, and took advantage of the giant jacuzzi in the bathroom.  There was also a fireplace in the room, but it was too warm to put it on.  The next day was sunny and in the sixties -  glorious!  We woke up around 7:30 and went for a run down to the Newport mansions, Cliff Walk, and around the Salve Regina campus.  

We found this house for sale.  Only 4.3 million, no biggie:

There's just so many gorgeous mansions to see, but mostly behind gates.  In the spring, they open up for tours.

Then we made it to the incredible Cliff Walk.  

You can't keep this Cape Cod girl away from the ocean!!

We ran back to the inn, showered, and then waited for a table to eat breakfast.

We just couldn't *not* go outside on the beautiful day, so we explored some more areas of Newport...


We finally pulled ourselves away from Newport and headed home, but first shopped at Aldi's on the way (there's not one very close to us).  We were happy to have gone away, but always happy to get home too - which is another way of saying that Life is Good.  SO thankful for these little 24 hour marriage retreats (and for Haley, who is the only person ever willing to watch the kids!)


  1. Our getaway was one of our first ever, and it was so refreshing. (Even if we couldn't schedule around NFP, but I will remember that little tidbit for next time.) So glad you had a good time away together.

  2. So fun to see Newport, is very different from my little town of Newport, Oregon. What a blessing to have a special little getaway!

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip!!


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