Friday, April 17, 2020

Quarantine Week 5: So Over It


Linking up with Kelly on this Friday of another weird week.  Maybe I should stop calling this time weird, as it perhaps has become our new normal, and going back to the old routines will feel weird.  In any case, I'm over it.  

Here's a little poem I wrote on Instagram:

At the beginning of this crazy lockdown quarantine,
We had the energy for choreographed dance routines.

But this has grown old, and patience is lean,
And even this introvert longs to be seen.

The kids are all fighting, the house isn't clean,
The best part of my day is discovering a new meme.

How much longer can we handle this scene?
"We want out!" says the group, aged baby to teen.

Let's storm heaven to an end to COVID-19,
And never again complain of a normal routine.



Grocery shopping has become like a little game of "What won't they have in stock?" (A: chicken breasts) and "What will we buy incorrectly from my parents' list?" (A: green tomatoes instead of green bananas)  

But, we found TOILET PAPER at BJ's last night!  They only let us buy one pack, even though buying two or three packs is not our family "hoarding", it's just our family "shopping".


Maggie and I have done our nails, put on mud masks, and she has been sleeping in braids to get wavy hair.  Fun times!


This is how I work from home.

At the kitchen island.

In the middle of the chaos.

Constantly sending the little kids outside to play.

And reminding others that I'm in my office and not to be disturbed.


This cute little work interruption needs to be fed constantly.  Green apples with peanut butter and yogurt with granola are my go-to snacks for growing boys.  


This other cute work interruption has been watching episodes of Dora the Explorer lately, and we think the way he sings that last "Where are we going?" is just hilarious.  You may not agree.  We are completely biased and we know it.


We have next week off from school and work - Alleluia April Vacation! - and hope to get some yardwork and home organization tasks accomplished.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.  We are also making a Quarantine Bucket List for the family.  I'll share that next week. Have a nice weekend everybody!


  1. I look forward to your bucket list, perhaps there will be things I can adapt from it!

  2. Love your poem and yes!! For whatever reason this week has been tough for us! I think we enjoyed Spring break's freedom and getting back into the daily grind of school etc is just been an adjustment! Solidarity!!!


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