Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cute but Stinky

I have these Sketchers shoes that I love and wear almost everyday - to work, or around town, these shoes are versatile:

The only problem is that they STINK! I usually don't wear socks with them because if my pants are not super long, I think it looks silly.

So what should I do? Spray them with something? Sprinkle them with something? Leave them outside to air out? Or am I stuck with having stinky feet for fashion's sake?
For my family's breathing pleasure, please share your smell-good secrets :)


  1. LOL, no idea what to do! i have those shoes too! don't they sell ball-shaped things for smelly sneakers at Olympia? what about powder?

  2. I had the same problem with my Born shoes that I love. I called the company and they replaced them for free. But I wonder if febreeze would help! I would definitely call the company or the store where you bought them - they may have a suggestion. Cute shoes!

  3. PS - I meant to tell you - when I called about gymnastic - they said they started as early as 2.

  4. They are really cute.

    My first thoughts on this are:
    powder/food powder.
    new insoles.
    air outside.
    any of the above or maybe a combo?
    let us know what works.

    ps. I thought you were too cute to stink anything up. Now, my image of you is forever changed. :0

  5. I too wonder if Febreeze would help? It worked on a car I once owned that was previously owned by a smoker. After I febreezed it for a couple days you couldn't even smell the smoke any more.

  6. I have tried many things for my stinky-sandal-summer feet. I've tried sprays and powders and everything. Here's what finally worked for me:

    I rubbed it on my feet every morning before putting my sandals on. It worked! No more stinky feet! Plus, it lasts a long time. The smell of the bar itself isn't that great but it sure does its job. If you have a LUSH store nearby, you just may be able to get it without paying shipping. :)

  7. i dont have any smell good secrets..

    but i do have the SAME problem and with the SAME shoes.. and i also have the brown pair- basically, i'm stinky all around, lol!!!

  8. Could you sprinkle bicarbonate of soda?

  9. What about sprinkling them with baking soda? I know it takes smells out of other things, maybe it would work for shoes as well?
    I love the shoes!

  10. Paul thanks you for the birthday wishes! He has foot odor issues because of wearing work boots all the time and the walmart brand foot powder in the spray can seems to work well. A inexpensive as it is it couldn't hurt to give it a try. :)

  11. I also wondered about febreeze or maybe a dusting of baking soda paired with fresh air? Those shoes are adorable, btw.

  12. I would use febreeze or they have those little hidden socks at payless that the shoes cover up but still serve the purpose.

  13. Are they "good leather?"
    I have often found that to be a problem with real leather shoes!
    I'm wondering if a few dabs of ammonia after wearing might help?
    I have NOT tried that...but it just occurred to me while typing that ammonia gets odors out of lots of things.

  14. Hey seen as though you are in the mood for another baby, try baby powder. It will help stop your feet from sweating and give your shoes a nice smell....

  15. I have the same shoes actually! I wear socks with mine though because they are work shoes- so I haven't had issues with them stinking, yet..hehe!


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