Monday, December 19, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

The high school where Phil and I work had a Breakfast with Santa this weekend.  
We took the kids for some pancakes and sausages, face painting, crafts, and of with the big guy!

John-Paul asked Santa for a 3DS, an iPod, trash packs, boy squinkies, a camera, a DSiExcel, and an iPad.  
So not too much ;)

Maggie asked St. Nick for trash packs.  
Because obviously that's what a girl with four brothers would want :)

Andrew asked Santa for an iPod.  
Santa promised that he would try to get that for him.  Try being the operative word.

Eamon asked St. Nick for trash packs.
Notice the theme??

Xander asked for new diamond earrings for his mom!!

Actually, he asked to get off Santa's lap :)

The elves posed with my elves.

There was an awesome balloon lady there who made all these cool holiday hats.

Some cousins came to the event and we all had fun!

6 More Days Until Christmas!!!!!


  1. those balloon hats are awesome! so much fun!

  2. I don't know what trash packs are. I have plenty of trash bags though......I love the diamond earring part; smart boy!!!!


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