Thursday, April 26, 2012

11 Things

So I've been tagged by Cari to do this little game, and while I'm tempted not to because she's asking some hard questions (see below), I will NEVER EVER say "NO" to a 9 months pregnant lady.  So, yes m'am and here's my 11 Things....

1.  Post these rules.
2.  Post a photo of yourself.
3.  Answer the questions for you set in the original post.
4.  Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you have tagged them.

Here's a picture of me 9 months preggers with my 5th baby.  Right before I went to the hospital and was sent home and didn't end up going into real labor for another whole week:
Dang I make swollen pregnancy face look good ;)

1. Throwing a party, or attending a party, which do you prefer?
Definitely attending a party.  
I get all bossy and mean before we throw a party, making lists and cleaning the house and yelling at the kids to make lists and clean the house.  Let's just say I want everything to be perfect, and then when I am hosting the party, I never sit down or enjoy myself.  I'm always worried about making sure everyone has a good time.  And the cleanup after - oy, if you thought I was crabby pre-party...look out!

2. Scariest Animal on the Face of the Planet- what is it?
A mouse.
(actual picture from a house we rented...eeeew!)
Or a bat, which is just a mouse with wings.  I have mouse and bat stories from my if you dare!

3. Best piece of advice your mom ever gave you?
Ha!  A few days before I got married at the ripe old age of 23, my mom decided it was very important to let me know that "men are amorous".  Almost ten years of marriage and five kids later, and she was totally right!

4. You have $500 to blow on a single clothing item/accessory.  What is it?
Is jewelry considered an accessory?  I hope so because I couldn't ever spend $500 on an article of clothing.  I have one piece of jewelry that I really want, and it's a Mother's 
Ring.  Kind of like this one:
Phil knows this and has researched them many times.  Only problem is that I want one when I'm done having babies, and only God knows when that day will come.  Probably when I'm 67.

 5. Habit you have that you suspect people find most annoying.
It's probably that I'm always right.  Notice I didn't say that I think I'm always right.  I said that I'm always right ;)

6. Habit other people have that you find most annoying.
When people think they are always right.

7. Strangest thing you ever learned on a documentary/educational show.
I learned that a baby can grow and develop outside a womb.  There was a really scary documentary that I watched while pregnant with Baby #5 (I LOVE documentaries) about a woman living in England who was pregnant with twins in her womb and then a triplet in her abdominal cavity.

8.Website you visit most often.
My blog.  That sounds really self-centered, but I go there to click on everyone else's links in my Dashboard.

9. Movie/book/or song you profess to hate, yet secretly enjoy.
This is embarrassing.  It's Twilight.  Ugh!  Team Jacob all the way.

10. One social media outlet you would never ever give up.
Blogging, duh.  Since I've already given up Facebook, Blogging is my only time suck now :)

11. Favorite ethnic food.
OK, I'm not very cultured nor do I experiment with food too much, so Mexican is about as ethnic as I get.  And I love me some nachos with fresh salsa, black beans, cheese and sour cream.  Mmmmmmmmm.

Now here are my 11 Questions for whomever wants to play:
1) Did your parent's *almost* name you something different?  And if so, why did they choose your name instead?
2) If you could meet one blogger in person, who would it be?
3) Sweet or salty?
4) If you were forced to participate in the Olympics (winter or summer) what sport would you compete in?
5) Who's your favorite muppet?
6) If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would it be?
7) What items of makeup do you wear everyday?
8) Who's your Daddy?
9) What's your favorite body part (on yourself)?
10) If you could go back to your wedding day, what would you do differently?
11) How did we "meet"?

I am supposed to name specific people to play, but I need to go fall asleep on the couch watch tv with my husband, so please play along if you like (and let me know you are), I'd love to read your answers!!


  1. Love it! That mouse picture is going to give me the willies all day.
    The ring is awesome, your mom's advice was awesome, and you're awesome- AND always right!

  2. My mom never gave me any men advice. Lol I personally think I could have given her some tho--how awkward is that.

    Too busy to do my own post so I can answer some here:
    1 I was almost Kelly but my cousin was born right before me and mom says they stole our name. I don't get that tho.

    2 I would meet anyone. I have had opportunities but never took them. I think most people would think my kids are horrendous brats tho and never want to meet me again.

    3 salty

    4 hate sports

    5 hate the muppets but I think Jim Henson was a genius. So does he count? If I could meet him in heaven I suppose since I think he died several years ago.

    6 don't know but I am sure I could give a good answer if I thought about it. Probably someone from classic literature.

    7 I rarely wear makeup

    8 Joseph -- he died 3 years ago

    9 maybe my legs?? If they are shaved.., lol

    10 I have many regrets about my wedding since I really didn't plan it. I was living in DC then and let others plan it for me in PA. Most importantly, I did not have a photographer and there are hardly any pics of me that day. All pics are blurry and too far away except maybe 2 . I actually looked nice that too and this does often make me sad. I really wish I had all those nice cheesy photos that others have.

    11. I have no idea. I can't remember if I read you first or vice versa.

    1. Thanks for playing!! And I'm sure I would find your children to be charming, intelligent, friendly, and wonderful human beings. Just like mine ;)

  3. I want to play, I'll try to get to it soon...

    Loved your answers! SO that saying about "the thing that bothers us the most is the same thing that bothers others" is true?

    I am the same way when I am the hostess. I'm even too busy to take pictures even....we have a first Communion coming up and I so want to just enjoy it but I know I'll be too stressed out to...if she has a happy day though, it's all worth it!

    I don't mind the mess afterward, because it's just pick up, the house is actually CLEAN.

    My mom told me that the things that bother us in our "boyfriends" will multiply by 1000 when they become our husband....she told me this the week before I married my first husband (which was anulled 2 years later).

    She didn't even know the story.....

    Gotta run Nicholas to Piano!! (and I'm still pumping....aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!)

    1. You haven't figured out a way to pump and drive yet? You could save so much time!!!

  4. I so loved your answers. I'd also rather go to a party. I always miss pictures at our own parties. :(

    Now, is that mouse trapped in your house? That freaks me out. I invision that mouse in the pic as a rat. I don't really even want to konw. I better stick with the picture in my head that they mouse that *might* have visited us is small, no tail and kind of cute.

    The ring is beautiful. I have had that on my list as well but when my "big Daddy" went to price it out it was a lot and I said let's wait. It was Christmas and I couldn't see putting us over the top.

    So pretty!

    1. The mouse was BIG and it was at a house we rented in New Hampshire one summer. Him and three other "friends" were caught that night. I just had to take a picture of one of them.

      And yes, I'm sure the rings are very expensive...especially since each baby adds another stone!

      I would love if you "played along" so I could read your answers :)

  5. How fun! I enjoyed finding out new things about you, Colleen. I'd love to play, but will have to see if the little girls will let me :)

  6. Someone tagged me too and I had to steal your idea of not tagging anyone, just posting my questions. Fun though. I like what people choose to say. You know Tiffany makes some awesome Mothers rings. I think we all deserve one! Wish Someone would do a blog giveaway!


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