Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 3: Building Planes and Rockets

On Saturday, we arrived in MD at Nana and Gramp's house, and it was in the high seventies, and sunny, which meant that my kids basically played outside all day long.  We got to see our godson, Dominic and his parents, our friends, Andrew and Katie.  Phil's uncle and two of his sisters came over, as well as our nephew Tommy and our brother-in-law TJ.  Lots of family around!  While the girls were in the kitchen making pizza, the men and kids were outside making planes and rockets:

Boys and their toys.


Uncle TJ worked on the planes.

Phil, Gramps, and Xander worked on the rocket

Maggie throws like a girl.

Xander doing what he does best.

Phil worked on this stupid rocket for over an hour, which even included a google search for how to tie a Figure 8 Knot.  
The funny thing is, the directions on the box said for ages 8 - 14 :)

Gramps doing what he does best.

More cousin love.

Xander modeling his Easter gift from his nanny.  He was rocking' it!

Mmmmm, thumb, don't ever leave me...

Deep conversation between Xander and his Aunt Diana.

And the end result of all that rocket work?


  1. There is a hobby shop here that my boys have all of a sudden become obsessed with. On Saturdays dad takes the boys to pick out a rocket or plane kit and there have been a few ship ones too then they make them at home. It's become quite fun for them lately.

    Xander looks absolutely adorable in those pics with the orange shirt and hat.

    1. Yes, we got that stuff at the local hobby shop near Nana and Gramp's house. It was so awesome, I'm going to have to see if we have one nearby our home...

  2. Oh not available! I'll have to stop back. Look at that gorgeous day, though. Love a warm spring :)

    1. I tried uploading it again...does it work now?

  3. Your baby looks so cute in that hat!

    1. Oh man, he took that hat off so many stinkin' times!!

  4. Looks like a great trip!

    I also saw a pic of some Donaldsons with you all today!! ;) How fun!


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