Saturday, December 1, 2012

Five! (and a winner!)

Somebody who loves Hello Kitty (why?) turned five today!

Donuts for breakfast, of course.

In her new outfit:
Hey I thought you were five, not fifteen!  Quit growing up already.

Her birthday dinner choice was pancakes, sausage and bacon:
Her godFather even managed to drop by...

....with a cute reindeer she named Rainey and promptly dragged around everywhere and finally up to bed:

We got her a princess watch, because, you know, she has places to be and people to see:

Peppermint Chocolate cake, recipe courtesy of Margaret in Minnesota. 

  It was delicious!

Even her older-by-14-months-but equal-in-size brother made her a nice gift:

And so when I asked the birthday girl to pick a number for who should win my giveaway, guess what number she picked?

So Laura (who happens to be a bestie of mine and the mother of Maggie's she playing favorites?...I think so!) you are the winner of the canvas photo! 
 I'll email the company now and they should contact you about your prize.  Congrats!

And now I'm off to bed so I can get ready for Maggie's family birthday party tomorrow (for all the winter birthdays) at the gymnastics place.  


  1. Awww Annamarie loves Hello Kitty too! She calls her Meow Meow (okay, any kitty is a meow meow, but it makes me laugh that she recognizes Hello Kitty as a cat since it doesn't really resemble one much)

    Happy Birthday to your princess!

  2. Happy FIVE, Maggie! Live it up, girlie! :)

  3. Happy birthday and God bless your sweet little girly girl!!

    (that cake looks very good)

  4. Looks like it was another great Martin Birthday Party!

  5. The picture of her with her cake is stunning! She is beautiful! Happy Birthday Maggie!

  6. What a sweet birthday Maggie had! And that cake looked so yummy! Happy 5th Maggie!

  7. Yippee!!! Now I just need to pick a picture!! Thanks Maggie for picking #5!!

  8. And just do there's no confusion that cake was GOOOOOD!!!

  9. Fun, fun birthday #5! Happy Birthday Miss Maggie! I was thinking of you and sending you hugs on your special day. Your cake looks yummy-licious ;)


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