Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Thoughts on a Run

I forced myself out of bed this morning to go for a short(ish) run before Phil left to tutor.  On my run, I realized it was Friday and while I usually start my 7 Quick Takes during the week and add on as I go, I haven't even started them yet!!  But then, my run away from home provided 7 things to talk about.  So here we go:

1) I saw a quarter laying on the ground at the beginning of my run, I contemplated bending over to pick it up, but I knew that there would be a good chance that I might tumble and fall, and was 25 cents really worth another bad knee scrape?  In the moment, I thought no, but now I'm regretting that decision.  After all, eight quarters can buy me a Dunkin Donuts medium coffee with cream!

2) Once I was done beating myself up for that quarter loss, I remembered that I still hadn't read the 2 chapters of a book for Book Club that was meeting in a couple hours.  I started to run faster to make sure I could make it home in time to shower, eat, clean the house, read 2 chapters, reflect on them, get the kids dressed, write my 7 QT (priorities and all) and rummage for some food to provide.  The stress did increase my speed.

3) I was listening to my rap songs on my ipod as I ran, and one of my all-time faves came on, In Da Club by 50 Cent.  I thought about my cutie's 2nd birthday coming up, and how we should sing that song to him.  "Hey shortie, it's your birthday, and we gonna party like it's your birthday.  Gonna sip Bacardi like it's your birthday, and you know we don't give a" ..... nevermind, not suitable.  Also not suitable, this feminine floaty for my BOY.  
My mom says they only had girl puddle jumpers left at Target.
At least the floaties make my hips look smaller?
 4) Later on during the run, a man was walking towards me when all of a sudden he stopped and bent over.  I thought he was having a heart attack, but turns out he was just looking at a turtle.  I stopped and looked too, like it was the most exciting thing either of us had ever seen.  A turtle!  In nature!

5) I ran to the new song that I downloaded this week after hearing it on So You Think You Can Dance.

 Does anyone else watch that show?  We record it then only watch the fun routines, especially anything choreographed by Napolean & Tabitha (we heart NappyTabs!).  We skip through all the boring dances, and any choreographed by her:
She scares us.
Still one of my all-time favorites:

I also remembered that I never posted pictures from our super fun July 4th weekend!  We went to Bristol, RI for their 228th July 4th parade, then over a friend's house with a huge group of people for swimming and a cookout.  We play fun games there each year, and the most memorable one this year was a Synchronized Swimming competition.  We all got paired up and then judged.  I think Phil and I killed it, probably because we watch SYTYCD.  (I think there may be video of our little ditty that I need to find and erase!!)
Just let me blow my bubbles in peace.
This town is so in love with their parade, that the streets are painted Red, White, and Blue all year round!
Last year's picture slideshow of the parade is here, if you're interested.  

We also got to have Phil's sister and her family up for a wonderful visit, and we got to meet our newest niece.  She is a beautiful chunky 6 week old!  Maggie and Lenora:
I think Maggie only asked me 427 times when she was going to get a baby sister.
7) At the end of the run, I told myself I would eat healthy all day (it's a promise I make and break every morning.  I'm nothing if not consistent.)  Then I looked up the recipe for maple scones that I've been craving (though I've never even had one?) to make for later.  Well, why exercise if you can't enjoy food too, amiright?

Have a wonderful weekend to Jen for more!


  1. Great list!
    Love the turtle comment. A young cousin just graduated Roger Williams University and we went to the graduation; I agree with you Bristol is a cute town.

  2. Oh my gosh you crack me up. The After Party routine is amazing too. For what it is worth, I would be super sad about the quarter too. I also would have slowed to a stop, walked to pick it up, then start running again. All for 1/8th of a cup of DD coffee.

    Oh and I was totally in your neck of the woods (which I don't really know where that is, but I was in NH and RI) on the 4th and 5th. I was super busy the whole time, but dangit I should have thought that one through! Next time.

  3. Haha! Number 4 made me laugh out loud. Won't stop for a quarter, but a turtle of course! Those puddle jumpers are awesome. I have 3, one for each boy, but Clark is the only one who uses them. He's going to have funny tan lines after this summer. I keep spf 70 on them all the time and they are turning as brown as nuts! Eric doesn't like the big swimming pool so no need for his and daredevil Rhett prefers the pool without his. Have you seen the videos of babies floating and swimming? Awesome, amazing, and scary at the same time.

  4. Sonya scares us too :-)

  5. Love your family picture, Colleen! And maybe, just maybe, if I keep reading about your awesome exercise routines, I may just get off the sofa myself some day. Or maybe I will just live through you. : )

  6. I've never watched that dance show, but I saw one you tube of that Leona Lewis Bleeding Heart song choreographed. Although I think it came out about 5 years ago. I'm getting old!

  7. AnonymousJuly 12, 2013

    I love that Bristol has its roads painted red, white and blue all year round. Great family picture at the parade!

  8. I love SYTYCD!! BUT, have not seen it at all this year! Travis and Benji were some of my favorites too and I think Travis is a great choreographer too. I agree about Sonya . . . I do not think I have liked any of here dances!!

  9. You know turtles are gateway wildlife, right? Today it's turtles spotted on your run, tomorrow it's dodging bobcats on the way to the van.

  10. I loved your post!! I think that when I contemplate blogging while I run, I actually am able to come up with the most fluid thoughts - because there are not interruptions!!...Except for the occasional person who bends over to turtle gaze right in front of you :)!

  11. Crack me up. And I'm with Maggie, get her a sister already!! In which case, you'll probably just get her another brother. Ah, who cares, the kid will be cute and she'll love him any way ;)

    Thoughts on my (wimpy) 2-MAYBE3 mile run:

    'Colleen is SO my idol. How does she do this for miles on end?'
    'I wonder which song will be up next?' (read: will Adam Levine, Robin Thicke or some other sexy voiced male pop up next? My ipod is always on shuffle.)
    'If I run just a little bit faster, will I be done faster?' No. I'd have to run a lot faster, so forget it. I'll keep this putzy pace.
    'Well, at least I got out and ran.'
    And like five more times, 'Colleen is my idol. I wonder what she's up to right now?' Then I smile :)

  12. Haha I love all of your running thoughts! We always stop to look at animals too...ducks, turtles, know, because we've never seen anything like them before! ;)

    Your family pics always make me smile!!

  13. Your baby is almost two!? Wow, how time flies! WE need another baby here!!!!

  14. Floatie picture--priceless!!!!!!! lOVE THAT Xander!!!!!

  15. Love those pictures!!! I also love the random thoughts when I am out on my walk. :)

  16. I agree--the best thing about exercise is getting to eat foods you love without guilt! :)


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