Thursday, September 5, 2013

Favorite Part of Their Day

According to any of my school-aged kids, the best part of their day is RECESS!  Some things never change.  

Eamon made this little book in school to document his first week.  And since so many blogs I read are talking about their homeschooling curriculums and plans, I thought I would let you know why we pay the big bucks for Catholic education ;)

Thomas is his cousin, but Eamon wants you to know he's his best friend too.

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Pretty good for a 6 year old, amiright?  And I am very glad to see he is following the neat handwriting style of his brother, Andrew, and not that of his other brother, John-Paul.  We love you John-Paul, but neatness isn't really your thang.

So there you have it, a week in the life of a Catholic School First Grader: Awesome Teachers, Cousins and Friends, Food, Math, Recess!, and Music.  Next week they will have Gym, Portuguese, and Art thrown in the mix too.  

Are these all things homeschoolers can do at home?  Heck yes!  

But, like I always say, why do it yourself when someone else can do it better?  I jest....sort of.  Because I really do know this school can do it waaaaaaay better than me.  We are so thankful for their education, even if recess is the best part of their day!


  1. I feel the same way! Why do it myself when someone else can do it better!

    I've always been intrigued by homeschooling but if I take an honest look at myself and my kids, I know deep down in my heart it would be a huge disaster. (Especially since Peter thinks homeschooling means he can sit on the computer all day and play video games.)

    Eamon does have awesome handwriting!

    1. I think the same way about homeschooling. I would do it IF I absolutely had to but I think it would be a hot mess (at least for a while : )

  2. Too cute!!!

    I was just thinking, "He has such neat handwriting!"

    Also, it kind of looks like he's sliding down a slice of bacon. Delicious :)

  3. I love his sandwich. SO cute.

  4. He is an artist! Looks like he is enjoying school a ton.

    I do believe homeschooling is such a blessing for some families. You can go as fast as you want or slow down a little. Plus they incorporate our faith so beautifully.

    We have great schools in our area. I tell the kiddos if they want to homeschool they can...but they actually like going to school. The teachers are exceptional. Zach has benefited so much from the pre-engineering classes.
    We just cannot afford the catholic high school...8,000 per kid. AND we cannot afford any private Catholic colleges or put our kids in that kind of dept.

    Each family is different. Each knows what they can do. Each kid is unique. I dont know any parent that doesnt want the best for their kids. I sure do!!! and I know you do too! ..and homeschooling mamas do too!

  5. I can't even articulate all that I love about Catholic education...and fear of opening a can of worms. So let's just say... I love today's post!!!

    Hugs fellow Catholic-schooling mama!!!!

  6. Great pics!! I sometimes feel a twinge of guilt when I see all the wonderful homeschooling posts but that is not where God called us (at least not now.) So I was HAPPY to see a fellow Catholic schooler! My Andrew (in K)did a similar book and after his first day of Pre-K my John-Paul said it was the Best. Day. Ever. That makes me feel good that they are happy and leaning. :-)

  7. Wow...your 6 year old has better handwriting than I do...he draws better too (totally not exaggerating either). Your kids go to a great school!

  8. Okay, the best part of this, after Eamon's awesome pics, is that portuguese is the language he'll learn! oh new beidge!

  9. i want to send the kids to catholic school but it costs $6k. too much money so homeschooling wins over public.

  10. Cute, cute book!

    I really like what Christine said.

    I really have to add that homeschoolers are called to do it. Really. SO it's not for everyone. You are called to do other things, and you are great at those things.

    Called. And Catholic schools cost way way too much around here. They are for the rich only now. And we are not rich. And we have 6 kids!! The public schools are terrible around here. (my husband worked with the school districts a lot for years and years--he refuses even to send them for one class)

    Don't discount what you do, with a homeschooling comment, you are a wonderful mama and you do the best you can do and it shows, in your beautiful family. We, like Christine said, all want what is best for our families.


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