Friday, October 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes FRIDAY!

This week flew by, can't believe it's Friday already!  And Clan Donaldson is hosting - hi Cari!!

So last year, I wrote a bucket list of sorts, and one of my items was to see a woman give birth.  I just think it would be the coolest thing ever.  According to my husband, it is.  So everytime one of my friends gets pregnant, I bug them and try to convince them to let me be in the room when the miracle happens.  So far, no takers.  But!  My super pretty, intelligent, funny, friend (did I ingratiate enough?) Laura is due next month, and she is seriously considering letting me come to the labor!  Squeeeeeeeeeal!  I would be the photographer, and if it all works out (meaning she does not call me in the middle of the night because I love my sleep too much) I will actually get to accomplish a life long dream.  True story, I wanted to be an OB/Gyn when I was a little girl so I could deliver babies all day long, and then I found out what the Gyn part was all about, and that occupation went on my "way-too-gross" list.

We got benches for our kitchen table!  

As a family of 7 (going on 8) we had run out of chairs at our table, and kept talking about getting/making benches to fit everyone.  My parents were at a consignment shop and saw these two 5 ft. benches (with backs!) for $50 total.  My Dad had his truck, so they called me up, described them to me, bought them and delivered them.  What service!

 Alexander was especially thrilled about the "diamond" in the center.  (It's a heart, but don't tell him that.)

Soccer season is almost over!  Know how I know that?  It's getting cold and dark at practices!  But look at the beautiful sunsets we get to watch...
They paved paradise...and put up a parking lot.

The Red Sox are in the World Series, and I'm not even watching.  I just don't get baseball.  It's too slow and the season is too long, and the games are so late. 

But, Go Sox!?!?!?!


This is why I refuse to go on rides at Fairs.  I will go on at amusement parks (where the rides are permanent fixtures) but traveling machines of death scare me worse than carnies.

Okay, we need something happy to end the week...

A Maggie Einstein throwback.


  1. Benches! With Backs!!! Yay!

    Happy weekend, bloggy friend. : )

  2. What hair! :) funny.

    Also, benches. I think that may need to be the route we take. We are growing out of our furniture at lightening speed these days. You got an awesome deal!

  3. Those benches are perfect - they even have backs! And while I do love watching Red Sox games, the baby loves his sleep even more so I haven't been able to make it past 10:00 pm. But I do plan on trying to stay awake through the entire Saturday night game. We'll see!

  4. Actually, it's been statistically proven that fair rides are far safer than amusement park rides. The fair rides are inspected every time they're assembled, whereas the permanently-installed amusement park rides get inspected way less frequently!

    1. And now I don't want to go on any rides ever ;)

  5. Collen, I have witnessed two live births and it truly is a miracle!!
    The joy you get when the baby finally makes it out is like no other I always get so emotional and cry.. I think that is the holy spirit working.. have a good weekend!

  6. Next time your daddy finds benches like me up! cause I totally need that too! The thing is I have a senior who will going to college soon. sniff that seat will need to be filled. I could use a bench just like that for the next 7 mo!

    Maggie. Adorable.

  7. I am so jealous of those benches. you have no idea how long I have been scouring the consignment stores/flea markets for something like that. We eat in shifts because of the chair situation. Can I hire your mom and dad to look for me, they seem lucky! And will your dad deliver to PA? ;-)

  8. I got to be a "coach" for a friend a long time ago, before I was even married. I did great til they asked me to cut the cord...I almost passed out. But, other than that, it was pretty amazing!

    Benches are great! We had 2, but one broke, so now we are back to mixed chairs...and one bench. The kids are hard on chairs and benches!! I want a loooong table. With a sturdy loooong bench or lots of sturdy chairs.

  9. Nice benches! And with backs, BONUS! We haven't outgrown our chairs and table yet, but I have contemplated one side with a bench just to make things easier.
    Your long life dream is coming true??!! How awesome! I was just thinking the other day that IF I had another baby, I wonder if I should let my mom come into delivery room. It was a totally random thought.

    Happy Weekend!

  10. I bet you're hoping for a girl just so you can use Maggie's jacket again!

  11. Um yeah, our fair. Luckily we are too cheap to go on rides (and you know, pregnant), but I did eat my way through that fair last week. Way too close to home :/.

    Love those benches so much!

    I think I'd like to see a birth too (besides on youtube lol). So glad you might get the chance!

  12. We have benches in at our dining room table. They are the best thing ever! I hate chairs, because everyone moves them all over to stand on, and no one EVER puts them back or pushes them in. But benches, benches are great, benches stay there...benches don't more. I love our benches. Yours are much cooler than ours though, because ours don't have backs.

    And, you could always video tape your own birth and then watch it.back. That might be too weird though.

  13. A. Love the benches... I think we'll need some in about 1.5 years went baby #3 is out of a highchair because we only have 4 chairs for our table.

    B. Can we discuss how ready I am for soccer season to be over? My 3 yr old Caterpillars are so so so crazy even the other 3 yr old team coaches have empathized with me... on the field... during the game when I only have 1 of my 7 seven bright green colored jerseys on the field!

    C. Oh the NC Fair... seriously it was the headline for about 10 minutes on the local 10 o'clock news last night.

  14. I had almost forgotten that I had seen a live birth. I was only 16 years old and I had a friend who was a teen mom. It was pretty surreal. And now you have that song stuck in my head at 4 in the morning :)

    I am a huge fan of benches and now I want one even more with a back.

  15. LOL, your description in #1 pretty much exactly explains how I ended up as a midwife; birth ~ yes, gyn ~ less so. Hope it comes to together for to witness one.

    Congrats on the benches!
    Great pic of Maggie!

  16. I grew up with benches, too. Felt so normal since that is what The Waltons had. Then I'd go to a friend's house and wow…they had chairs. I thought chairs would be so cool. Isn't it funny how we see what is "normal" when we are so little?! What a fantastic deal, too! Enjoy them!

  17. I'm in love with the benches with backs idea! I'm keeping that in mind for when the baby exists the high chair. I love baseball, but me and husband are done with the world series until the Royals make it. No negotiations.

  18. Benches; hells yes. And thrifted?! BOOYAH!
    And I'm with you on baseball. I learned to like football for my husband, but I drew the line at baseball.

  19. yeah! am loving those benches - what a steal! and seeing the kitchen brings back so many great memories!
    love that you are a soccer mom... i can't even imagine those days of long practices ahead!
    and you want to watch a live birth - that's pretty courageous of you!
    i still think Maggie is that size - what a cutie!
    and it's a ton better to see a baseball game live at the park (unless there is food and napping involved while watching on tv)


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