Monday, February 3, 2014

I Need a Wife

One question we get asked a lot when I'm pregnant is "Is this your last one?" to which we respond "We never say never!" or "It's in God's Hands!" or something of the sort.  Just recently, a coworker of ours asked me this, and I jokingly responded "Yeah, and then I need to get Phil a girlfriend."  Now, I would never say that to someone who didn't know that I was kidding, and didn't know how happily married and how sincere Phil and I are about living out our faith.  But this coworker knows us both, and laughed along with me, and all was good.

I was telling the story to Phil later, and saying that perhaps the idea wasn't so crazy after all.  I mean, 33 weeks into this 6th pregnancy and I am exhausted.  Put a fork in me because I'm done.  Am I thankful for the gift of another baby?  Of course.  Am I so lucky to have a wonderful husband and kids that I truly and easily love?  Yup.  Am I never allowed to admit that it's hard, or tiring, or emotionally draining?  Gosh I hope not.

Maybe the Sister Wives are actually the ones that have the right idea.  I mean, if I had a sister wife, I think my life would be so much easier.  I could be the wife who raises the kids, she could be the one who endures pregnancy and labor and breastfeeding.  I could stay home and cook, and she could work and clean the house.  I could have a break, but everybody's needs would still be met.  

Me and my actual sisters.  Maybe they could come live with me.
Whose idea was it that women can have both a career and children and do it all?  Maybe we can do it all, but not all well.  Another wife, or at least a W.I.F.E. ~ Woman In (my) Family's Employment would help so much.

Although, I would have to kill her because I'm insanely jealous, so that would be a problem.  But, at this point, solitary confinement sounds like a pretty sweet deal too.



  1. Hang in there!

    I remember my mom bringing up the idea of hiring a mother's helper when I had my fourth baby in four years--but as much as I probably could have used one, I didn't want anyone else trying to take care of my man and my family but me. So maybe I'm the jealous type, too!

    Whenever I click on this site and see that adorable picture of your kids--really, I could eat them up they're so cute--I think it's good that you're having a 6th. You guys make really awesome kids. :)

  2. Actually I've known a few successful working mothers who did have a Woman In their Family's Employment. They called her a nanny, but she did more than just watch the kids...she did cleaning (at least up after the kids), cooking, driving the kids to activties, etc. I was talking to a bunch of mom friends a few weeks back, and it was suprising how many of them (even stay at home moms) had some sort of household help..maybe a cleaning lady that came once a week or something else. Just goes to show, how we really can't do it all.

  3. I'm with you! I watched a couple of episodes of Sister Wives on TLC while Dan was away and was intrigued by the whole concept. But the thought other women would get to share my husband (in every way!) made me crazy with jealousy! And prison orange is not my color!

  4. You are so funny! That e-card cracked me up! Hang in there!!! You've got to exhausted…I am…working part-time…and I only have three. Although I would kill for a husband that doesn't work 24-hour shifts…three more years. Just three more years until he can retire from fire!!! I can do this…you can too! HUGS!

  5. Girl you are preaching to the choir I get so tired with four under four and I'm not even pregnant! I don't know you do it with more than that.

  6. I'm the jealous type too so not so much for the Sister Wife idea but there are days when I like the commune idea ~ where perhaps someone else has made dinner and plenty of kids for mine to play with and someone to keep an eye on them while I get a few things done.

  7. Check your parish to see if any confirmation students need community service hours. My Jonah has to get 30 in for confirmation. Get a young girl to help out!!!

  8. You are funny!
    I seriously don't know how you do it all. I have one stay home and still find it challenging at times.
    God bless xo-Marissa

  9. we had a helper a few years back but I was jealous of the helper--a young girl who got to laugh and play with the kids...It didn't last long. I want to laugh and play with kids! But, if someone wants to come and clean my house be my guest. I hate cleaning. i wouldn't mind hiring a maid now if we could afford it.

    sister wives--that show intrigues me since I am always looking for signs that they really are jealous. How they can't be I just don't get.

  10. Hang in there, Colleen. The last trimester is so tiring, and I never felt like I could manage it all. Somehow we do-scraping by at least-but with feels of being overwhelmed for sure. :)


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