Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bits of Tid Tuesday

What do you make when you wake up on a Saturday morning with plans for a big breakfast, but find the grocery fairy  hasn't yet come?  A hootenanny, of course!  (I add cinnamon, and sometimes sauteed apples, to this recipe)
Watch out, it grows!!
Maggie had a cough and sore throat over the weekend, then woke up on Monday morning and threw up and had a fever (two of my kids ALWAYS vomit when they spike a fever).  She happened to have her 6 year old physical scheduled for that afternoon anyway, and when Phil took her, we found out she has strep throat.  Whoops.  She's home from school today (again) and already feeling much better after 2 doses of the pink goodness.  Phil woke up this morning with a really bad sore throat, so he'll be calling his doc for a strep test today.  It's always fun times when you live in a house with 7 people who work in schools, attend schools, or go to a home daycare.  Lots of ways to catch and spread viruses.

Ummmmmm, what is up with Downton Abbey?  I don't want to spoil it for anybody who hasn't seen it yet, but was that whole Anna storyline really necessary?  Makes me sick to my stomach.  And I just love love love Anna and Bates...what does this mean for them as a couple?  I'll let Heather do the recap for you.

Our wonderful and holy Pastor is being transferred in June.  We are all devastated, especially my two altar servers.  We have a great parish, but if we aren't fans of the new Pastor (I don't know him yet at all), should we look for a new parish?  Do you pick a parish based on the parish life or the Pastor?

Oh my gosh, the Patriots are looking so, so good after their last game.  I'm hoping the Broncos get really, really sick before Sunday.  May I suggest hoof and mouth disease? Kidding, Sandra, kidding.

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  1. I always watch Downton on Monday during nap time so I'm not interrupted. Yeah... I'm still bothered by that. I love the show, but that just seemed a bit much to me. Sure, I'm sure it happened back then too, but there is so much sorrow in the show already, I don't think something that extreme was necessary.

  2. Ugh...Downton. I watched that episode last night and couldn't sleep afterwards. It was disturbing. It seems as though EVERY BAD THING happens in that show.

    And that hootenanny looks awesome! Yummy!

  3. IMHO it is way too early to start thinking about changing parishes. Wait until the priest comes and you get to know him a little bit. I, personally, would really hesitate to change parishes because of the priest, though, unless my children were very uncomfortable around him (and therefore wouldn't feel comfortable in the sacrament of Reconciliation, etc) or if he were teaching something against the church. My Protestant friends church hop whenever they don't like the pastor or the choir or whatever . . . but what is important is Jesus! I want my kids to know that no matter how poor the preaching, Jesus is there and HE has a message for them.

  4. I hope Phil and Maggie feel better. That pink stuff is pretty magical when you're little. Off topic, but the next time anyone asks about the baby's name say Martin/Martina. :)

  5. Ohh I hope all that yuck streppy stuff moves out of your house soon, my friend.

    Feel better, Martins. : )

  6. I haven't watched DA this week yet, but I've seen comments. Ugh. And I'm on the fence about the pastor issue. On the one hand, our parish is our family home, and we LOVE it. We've been through 4 pastors, and our current one is retiring this summer, so that brings a certain amount of anxiety. I've loved some pastors more than others, but the spirit and love in our parish always manages to rise to the top, so to speak, so thus far I've never been inclined to change, even if a pastor has made an unpopular decision, etc. On the other hand, if we ever got a pastor that didn't preach the truth of the church, or was really not a good person, I might switch. I have friends who have done that here in Atlanta, and another friend in Pittsburgh who switched because of a really awful encounter with their former pastor. So I guess, in the end, I would ride out a priest I didn't overly care for but had no major objection with, because in any given diocese, priests always get moved around. But I would consider leaving (as much as it would break my heart!) if a new pastor had poor formation or was really off base on Catholic teaching.

  7. No Downton Abbey spoilers please!!! I am not a betting lady, but in a work betting pool I was forced to do, I have the Patriots going all the way :)

  8. Bobbi at http://www.revolutionoflove.com/blog is also doing a recap series, always look forward to what she has to say.
    Here is to hoping strep doesn't slowly work its way through your whole house!

  9. Hope that those who are sick feel better soon and those that are well ~ stay well!!
    DA ~ so sad/angry; I want a period drama not a soap opera!! And if Branson gives in to Edna after having the integrity to wait for Sybil I may be done, done, done!!

    Go Pats!!

  10. Boy, everyone is bothered by the Downton episode...what were they thinking? I have a feeling it's going to get worse....I couldn't sleep either afterward and woke up thinking about it. It's like no one can be happy or something.

    New priest? Give him a chance, at least a few weeks to get his groove. Pray for him, even now....We get a new priest in our 3 parish cluster every 2 years. We have one priest that stays(we'll have him for like 12 years) and then new ones that come and we always get wonderful ones! I am always sad to see them go though. It's hard. And sometimes it's really hard to get to "know" a new one.

    Hope you are all feeling better soon...not fun.

    Simeon was sick with a cough last week....not good when baby is sick. (and crabby)

    That puff pancake looks wonderful. I always make a double batch and put it in round pans...might have to try it in one big pan!! I do the apple thing too...thought I was being original or something. (I add blueberries to the apples--do you?)

  11. Downton Abby is all over the place. I have only seen a few episodes of the first season and Keith and I are contemplating opening up that door again. :-) Oh and Colleen, that hope for illness on the Broncos.....sooooo loooowww and funny. ;-)

  12. Oh, Downton Abbey! It's too much...I so agree with you - I love Anna & Bates! (and P.S. - never heard of a hootenanny! Looks fun!)


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