Friday, April 1, 2016

7QT on the First of April


So we had the big ultrasound yesterday!  It was a Level 2 because I'm maternally ancient and we got lots of good peeks at him.  He was extremely uncooperative, according to the ultrasound tech, but did give us an awesome money shot that I won't post here to embarrass him in the future.  (Phil and I were very impressed by his masculinity though!)  Here's a more modest photo:

Hi Baby Boy Martin!

Everything looked good...except he has a marker on his heart that can sometimes be associated with Down Syndrome.  Normally, my age (37) would make me high risk but the blood tests I had showed I was very low risk (a 1 in 10,000 chance) and this heart marker doubles that risk.  So it's a 2 in 10,000 chance.  I actually think that my second baby, Andrew, had the same marker.  We love this baby boy no matter what's going on, and we're just going to wait and see!


I *think* we've decided on a name.  We don't loooooove it, but we like it.  Sorry Baby Boy #6, but that's the best we've got after already naming five boys.  Poor little fella.


We had a new Home Goods open near us, and Phil had gotten me a gift card for Valentine's Day and I went with the money burning a hole in my purse.  But, disappointingly, I couldn't really find anything great to buy.  I've never been to a Home Goods, but I'm guessing it's a sort of hit-or-miss place, so I'll have to check it out again.  What I really wanted were some throw pillows for our bed.  When I couldn't find anything that I loved that wasn't ridiculously expensive, I popped over to Target and found the pillow of my dreams.

But there was only one.  So I tracked down an assistant and she tracked down a manager and they found me a second pillow in the back of the store.  Woohoo!  Don't they look pretty?

That's really bad lighting, but come over and see them in person!

And that comforter is seriously so soft and light and luscious.  As if I needed any other reasons to stay in bed forever :)


My baby is turning two tomorrow!  I can't even believe it, he is still such a baby to me.  He talks, but not in complete sentences or even complete phrases, more of the one word, repeating stuff.  He still drinks warm milk from a bottle before bed because he won't drink it any other way.  He still loves his pacifier and blanky.  He likes to graze instead of sit down for a meal, and he rarely finishes anything unless it's fruit or dessert.  

He is super duper active and loves playing sports and wrestling with the older boys.  He's mostly sweet and cute and a joy to be around, but can get terribly twoish as two year olds are known for.  As Eamon said to me last weekend, "I hope our next baby is just like Declan".  So do I, buddy, so do I.  We got him a bubble maker for his birthday and I think he's going to be in heaven.


Our kitchen benches need some cushions.  Phil found this video on how to make them, and I think even my uncrafty self might be able to handle it.

Now I need to find some fabric that will look pretty in there.


Look at this funny Redbox email I got this morning...


And on the subject of trickery, we told the kids this morning that school was closed because they lost power in the high winds we had yesterday.  They believed us!  Maggie started crying because she wouldn't be able to pull off her April Fool's joke that she had been working on for awhile (she's telling the kids in her class that I'm having twin boys and got a friend to bring in a twin ultrasound pic).  Then we told them we were kidding and they all got mad at us.  Fun!

Have a terrible, awful, no-good weekend everybody!


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  1. "maternity ancient"! hahaha

  2. You can totally do the cushions -- easy and worth the effort! If you have a JoAnn's near you, they have a lot of great fabrics in either the curtain category or the "outdoor fabric" category, which are both great for cushions because they stand up to a lot of beating! Plus they very regularly go on sale for 50% off or more (and they have phone coupons too).

  3. I legitimately cannot believe Declan is going to be two! And don't worry Baby Enda Dunn will fit his name whatever it is and then you'll wind up loving it because of him. :)

  4. You are so young!
    I had Flynn at the ripe old age of 40!
    A guy from high school saw me there and asked me if I was there to see my grandchild.
    For real.
    Happy Birthday to your baby! : )

  5. Maternally ancient - is that the technical term? Just kidding.

    I think all of my kids (except maybe one) had some concerning things on their ultrasounds or my bloodwork that were possible markers for one disorder or another, and none of them have had any of those disorders. Either way, you're blessed!

  6. love it! Cute baby, cute pillows!

  7. Love the pillows!
    My funny mind still thinks niavely in terms like that Redbox ad. Hilarious...if I weren't nearly 40!
    Totally laughed at the maternally ancient comment. And I had no markers with my youngest and we hit the jackpot with a post-birth Down syndrome diagnosis. She is amazing and a beautiful addition to our family so no worries! Either way, you are abundantly blessed :)


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