Friday, May 16, 2008

A Prayer Request from a Five-Year-Old

Yesterday morning I gave John-Paul and Andrew some money to go to the snack counter after school since Phil would be a little later than usual picking them up. The following conversation then took place between John-Paul, Phil and I:

John-Paul: Daddy, can I buy Gatorade with my money?

Phil: (passing the buck) Colleen, can John-Paul buy gatorade with his money?

Me: No, buy something healthy. (I don't believe in drinking gatorade unless you're running a marathon or something similar)

Then, a few minutes later in the car on the way to school, as Phil and the boys were finishing up their morning prayers:

Phil: John-Paul, what do you want to pray for today?

John-Paul: I want to pray for all the kids whose mommies won't let them get gatorade.

Phil: That's not very nice, John-Paul.

John-Paul: No, not for me, for all the other kids.

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