Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014 in Photos

Sorry for the overload of photos from the past few days, but bloggers gotta blog.  I love seeing all your Christmas photos and traditions, looks like we all had some great family time!  

The kids had a Christmas Pageant at school last week...

They were a wee bit excited!
...and cousins posed for a quick photo after.
Look at all those rosie cheeks!
We had a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve:

Declan was busy hamming it up for his first Christmas:

We were both wearing our footsie pajamas...awwwwkward.
The big kids each opened one gift on Christmas Eve...but I only got a photo of Alexander.  The bigger big kids all got fleece sheets and a new pillow.  Believe it or not, they were stoked!

Then while no creatures were stirring, the living room transformed for Christmas morning...

Three presents each, like Jesus received (and also because it's easier and less chaotic!)

Truth be told, I sometimes go a little crazy with the stockings and can't fit everything inside - whoops!
Papa Elf set up the family gift...a kid's computer so they can keep their sticky paws off my Mac :)

We went to bed, and before we knew it, rise and shine!  It was Christmas Morning! 

Picture on the stairs at 7 am:

Breakfast of cinnamon rolls even better than the Pioneer Woman's (don't kill me for saying that, but try this recipe and judge-eat for yourself):

And then the kiddos were allowed to enter the room:
I just noticed how orange his nose is looking, gotta back off on the orange veggies!
Setting picks?

The stockings were ripped open:

Declan wants in on the action.

Maggie laughed and laughed, then said "Wait, I don't get it."

Declan still wants to open something.

Score!  We gave him his first puff, which he promptly gagged on and then puked.  Not ready, turns out.

Girrrrrl Time!

Battle of the dueling teams.

This seemed to be The Year of the Shoe for Phil and I.  We are nothing if not practical :)

We actually missed going to my family's Christmas dinner because we had a stomach bug going through our house. (This just in, 7 out of 8 have been hit).

Then we celebrated 2nd Christmas with Phil's parents...

And, like Declan with a nuby and blankie, good night!

See ya next year!